Friday, July 8, 2016

1d6 Totally Bogus Crimson Dragon Slayer NPC's Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

In the wastelands of Thule, there are those who walk the edge of outlaw & adventurers. Men & women whose sandals, Air Gordons, & boots are the those of warriors across the Eighties. They are of a different and dangerous cut warriors & wizards whose path to herodom is marred with the stink of villainy. Here are six such people whose adventurers from Thule whose paths your adventurers might want to avoid or not.

There is a 30% chance of one of these middle management vile NPC's of having a super science or magical treasure of some importance they've come across in their travels adventuring.

1d6 Totally Bogus Crimson
Dragon Slayer NPC's Encounter Table


  1. Sir Robert Kongin A middle aged former shoe store sales man now renegade knight and minor warlord. Sir Robert is a psycho out for blood & convinced that his brother is going to kill him. He's armed with good quality armor from a Ren Fair, a magic sword, an uzi and a cyber mount horse. Sir Robert doesn't have a brother and is raving psycho killer for hire. He's unpredictable and very dangerous
  2. Ncanthegothaut- Former cheerleader turned ninja assassin possessed of the demon sword Dulobauak. The former Tracy has been transformed into the 'cloud of darkness that wanders', she is a deadly assassin and psycho whose abilities and training come from her sword. Even without the sword her experiences in the wastelands of Thule have given her some advantage and she's very dangerous. She has some minor magical abilities as well.
  3. Ndrm- Alien slaver from the depths of Alpha Blue and dabbler in demonic magics, this alien wizard and scientist is out for a good time. By good time he wants to be a psychotic  SOB with a passion for bio mechanical alteration & conquest but for now he'll settle for a group of adventurers to boss around.
  4. Mr. Othanchau - Alien warrior with a passion for the super science vehicles of Thule & a mean streak a mile wide. He likes Porches & fast women! He dresses in a seemingly infinite variety of tacky Eighties 'Members Only Jackets' and Miami Vice style sun glasses. Did I happen to mention he also is a vicious psycho killer who loves to feast on the souls of his victims?
  5. Gladys Rcalarglirt A former Eighties mom whose got a talent for killing, making money, and machine guns on and she's a bit of a black magician whose got to get the kids to Scoccer practice by four thirty so could you hurry up and bleed out? She also has a fully stocked weaponized van and an infinite supply of surgery pop drinks for the kids. She can also call on 1d100 Terror Scout kid warriors ( a combination of the kids from Lord of The Flies, Home Alone, & some Thulian version of the Boy Scouts)
  6. Sandrchmmothi 'Black Lord of the Demonic Flies and the Abyss' whose now a mercenary leading a band of mutant warriors. He's actually a half demon warrior with several minor magical abilities and an other dimensional phone booth. He loves to act as a go between for alien mercenaries & Thulian combat stock brokers. Most folks consider him scum of the lowest order but that doesn't stop him from being a jerk and leg breaker. He's the lowest of the low and will rob old ladies, children, and pour mutagen over random folks just to see the effects. According to his shrink he has an inferiority complex but he's made vast strides.

Swatch photo by  Hannes Grobe

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