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1d6 Random Wasteland Drug Dealers & Illicit Substance Hustlers Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the wastelands are beings whose power and abilities are far more then they seem. The take and give to adventurers far more then mere highs and feelings of power. Here are six potential NPC's that should be used with care.

Some are the cultists of the myriad faiths of Narcosa, some are the flesh weavers & peddlers of Interzone, a few come from beyond the rim of time itself but all of these dealers are looking to expand their markets and their interstellar client base. These are vile alien beings able to blend into the background of the wastelands and expand their markets unimpeded except by the machinations of adventurers & other fools.

“The junk merchant doesn't sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client.”
― William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch
  These dealers of weirdness often have a two tier system of dealing in their chosen illicit substance and often sell a wide variety of other drugs to the run of the mill clients. Only special clients are to receive the 'treatments' that these dealers offer, many jaded and weird clients must wait 1d20 days to be as depraved & wanting for the wares depicted below.
1d6 Random Wasteland Drug Dealers
& Illicit Substance Hustlers Encounter Table

  1. Dr.Thau -Former cultist of the drug gods of Narcosa has struck out on its own after stealing a space and dimensional craft. This giant mutated crustacean like humanoid sells a variety of products from the Narcosian plane that it creates & generates itself. The thing feeds as much product as the client wants because without a successful save the client in 1d10 months becomes more product as their body begins to mutate and generate the various drugs, pharmacological materials, and mutagen  as  needed. The client has an interstellar and inter dimensional street value based upon their body weight & general health.
  2. Unatuirinatu The Twisted One -  A Deep One interdimensional traveler with a passion for the soul numbing semi slave trade of bio genesis & soul re animation. The client gets high from main lining the essential salts used in re animation and regeneration. The high lasts for 1d10 hours and adventurers are sought out for their incredibly exciting memories, life experiences, and constant dangerous occupations. This dealer is also a 10th level black magician who uses a combination of subtle jobs, advertising, and some high handed super science to create his products. He also has three shoggoth who have high intelligence in their own right to snare his potential product.
  3. Varcae The Wise One is a Mugwump shape shifter who moves among societies dealing,wheeling, and seeking to exploit the flesh of anyone he runs across to create potions of exquisite reality rending power. These drugs are highly dangerous and have the effects of breaking down 1d10 points of abilities while the client must save vs death or melt into a humanoid puddle of raw bio goo. The Wise One collects this goo and distills it into more of his elixar which sells for 10,000 gold pieces a hit.
  4. Wegla - A demoness from the dark recesses of the Outer Darkness who uses her abilities to torture and create potions of extreme darkness & black suffering. These are sold to the most jaded & soul empty vessels possible, the new infusion of darkness creates instantly damned. These ripe fruit are primed, drained, and picked over & over again to create the 60,000 gold piece potion of suffering Wegla is known & renowned for.
  5. Wengilimobetu The Fantastic One  - Is a renegade godling from another universe of existence, this energy being sells life force of the most insane and sanity rending type. He appears as an ordinary business man or alchemist offering many standard potions in the wastelands. He will offer to elevate his client with an ascending treatment. The client gains two levels of magic or 1d8 temporary points to stats, this is only temporary as the human or humanoid vessel was never made to contain such power. The Fantastic One harvests the vessel in three months and moves on. Treatments cost 60,000 gold pieces per infusion.
  6. Rurgler'ar  Vatungor- There are things that should not be and  Rurgler'ar is one such being a mass of tendrils belonging to a cut rate eighth dimensional being.
    Rurgler'ar moves among humanity selecting clients based upon 'needs' and wants in a person's adventuring career. His magicks increase power & need. He is able to grant small abilities but his abilities mutate clients with 1d10 mutations drawn out over a six month period. These mutants are very dangerous and strong,
    Rurgler'ar has a very good reason for creating these beings. He consumes them in order to drawn them back to the basin  of chaos & power. Did I mention that business is very good? He is especially beloved by black wizards of dark occult power whom he loves to eat.

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