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1d6 Minor Treasures Of The Age of Sorcery Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Found by Explorer
Miguel Hermoso Cuesta
Sometimes adventurers come across strange finds that may change more then their lives but the very fabric of their souls. These objects often come from beyond the pale of man's foundations these objects may have survived the battles and wars of the gods. These powerful baubles get tossed about on the tides of eternity bringing their brands of fate and circumstance to whomever's lives they touch. This is but a small sampling of the weird and wild objects that pass through the hands of cut throats and adventurers. Use these object wisely in your own old school adventures.

1d6 Minor Treasures Of The Age of Sorcery Table
  1. The Vase of Un're - This vase is stopped up with a heavy red clay and has been worked over with incredibly intricate bead work. It contains within it a demonic spirit of incredible malevolence, the thing will try to possess anyone opening it. Once the servant of old gods and ancient houses, this being plots murder, vengeance, and horror against humanity and its old masters. The thing has the abilities of a Sixth level black wizard and will have 1d8 spells available to it. It loves to murder with bladed weapons and objects. 
  2. Wand of El' - This wand was once part of a vast machine but that was a billion years ago, now the wand is on its own and still retains the magical power of its former position. Once per day the wand allows one to use a command, charm, or a suggestion spell but at the cost of one point of Charisma or Constitution. A save vs wands will negate the effects temporarily but each time the wand is used there is a steep price. The owner will feel their life energies going into the wand as they gain 1d4 mutations from the corruption that has seeped into the wand. 
  3. The Lode Stone of Uthryu - This lode stone always points or draws its owner to sources of magical energy or pools of power. The stone has the ability to access these and may grant a wizard 1d4 additional spells as the ancient power flows back into them if they've exhausted their own spells for the day. But the price is that they will be infused with a glut of sorcerous energies, machinery will break under their hands. The more they use the stone the more they will grow depend upon it. Wizards have been known to grow irrational and more then slightly psychotic from over use of this object. 
  4. The Orb Of B'reathru- This orb is able to tap into the realm of the dead and grants its owner the ability speak with spirits as per the speak with the dead spell but there isn't any protection from the dead or undead when using this object. The dead are jealous of the living and may covet their life force or soul energies.Further the minor powers of the undead don't like their secrets being disturbed by mortals and so the owner may incur their wrath. 
  5. The Cylinder of Ka'r - This object allows the owner to see planar pathways and hidden dimensional gates. Once per day the cylinder can act as a psychic key for opening these pathways. The downside is that opening these gate ways may alert dimensional shamblers and other Lovecraftian planar entities but many desire these Cylanders as a way of traveling across the planes. There is a 20% chance each time the cylinder is used that the PC might split off an evil version of themselves who may try to assume their position on the Prime Material. These evil versions are energy constructs and must be dealt with magically.
  6. Coin of The Damned - This defaced coin allows its owner to enter the underworld at key points across the world. There will be a ferry man or other guardian of the dead waiting for the owner to escort them down into the depths of the underworld. The dead or damned may attach themselves to the owner of the coin and follow him back to the lands of the living to wreck havoc. The owner might have to call upon the powers of the dead to take back this spirit or become the object of the gods of the dead.

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