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1d20 Randomly 'Imbued' Items From The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are certain items that have been left behind in the wake of the fall of man that have become imbued with the spirits of the dead and certain weird Qliphahic life forces. These unclean spirits lie in wait for adventurers or some fool to stumble upon them, they often have constructed webs of existence from the fragments of memory & dreams left behind in the wake of the 'Fall of Man'. These things are able to sense an innocent soul with 40 feet of them and they hunger to swallow the souls of those who stumble upon them. They often send out a telepathic pulse or probe to read the surface thoughts of those who find them.Each of these items are animated by minor demonic force and gain the following abilities via the demonic life force:

  • Immunity to electricity and poison.
  • Resistance to acid , cold, and fire 
  • Summon (Sp): Many demons share the ability to summon others of their kind (the success chance and type of demon summoned are noted in each monster description). Demons are often reluctant to use this power until in obvious peril or extreme circumstances.
  • Telepathy within forty feet

    Those unfornate souls who find an item or relic of the imbued are affected with a 'cursed' item or relic via the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition Dungeon Masters Guide. 

    1d20 Randomly 'Imbued' Items From
    The Wastelands Encounter Table

  1. A small plastic doll with glass eyes half melted each new moon the thing utters prophecy or curse depending upon the day and its mood. The thing has melted eyes that seem to stare into soul's abyss, it tries to drive its charges to suicide. 
  2. A small ventriloquist's dummy that has a murderous streak but promises riches and treasure. It can animate twice a day and has an array of deadly weapons at its disposal. 
  3. A sad doe eyed stuffed elephant that is actually a trapper spirit that has the power of healing twice per day but whispers forbidden secrets to its own. 
  4. The doll of a witch that will teach the first three levels of black magick and sorcery to corrupt the innocent. The doll is able to cast third level spells of a marked evil intention. 
  5. The twisted remains of a wire sculpture that has the ability to alter reality twice a day and knows where all of the treasure hidden away is . 
  6. A small baby dragon toy that has a stash of infernal gold hidden away and will tell you where it is for the price of your soul. The dragon can polymorpth twice a day usually into a twisted dwarf or small child. 
  7. This small child's set of building blocks is actually a small familiar creature able to take on the aspects of a toy golem. It can cause shattered splinters to shoot from its hands up to 20 feet and causing 1d6 +2 damage and it can see around corners. 
  8. An amulet that  is actually the soul of a powerful black magician imprisoned in Hell. The black scoundrel can summon 1d4 minor demonic threats. 
  9. An ancient photo album that is actually a cursed spell book with black magic spells written in the margins. Able to take a wizard from 1st level up to third but their alignment will change to Chaotic 
  10. A child's star chart that shows the movements of damned and forbidden stars as well as the best times to have black magick rites. The stars move when your not looking at it. 
  11. A child's pocket knife that has been possessed by a spirit of paranoia and spite. It can teach many outdoor and survival skills but will torment its owner with painful child hood memories. 
  12. A child's toy 'Jack in The Box' which actually houses some very dangerous spells and has a dimensional door spell that leads to a very dangerous location and section of limbo 
  13. A book of the Ancients on wards and gates, this book can act as a shield spell three times per day but the book is laced through with bitter memories of love and regret. The book will torment its owner with lost loves and fallen beauties. 
  14. A box holds jewels and treasures of the Ancients, all very valuable but those who possess the box also draw jealously and the evil green specter who guards this box. Men will kill for this box and and its jeweled contents. 
  15. This flute is able to play itself and will call down 1d8 ghosts of the Ancients to do the bidding of the summoner. But each new moon the owner must do a boon of evil for the spirits of the flute. 
  16. A Halloween mask of the ancients able to create a phantasmal force illusion from the nightmares of the owner. The owner will 1d10 horrific nightmares of the mask, and it will feed off of the life force and soul of its own. 
  17. A paper back book of the Ancients which is actually the black occult knowledge of a rival cult. The owner is able to access 1d4 black magick spells per day of 1st and 2nd level. 
  18. A jeweled ball of the Ancients that is able to show 1d4 ghostly illusions of the world of the Ancients. The visions will confuse and befuddle the owner and anyone within 20 feet of him. The ball will also consume the souls of those around the owner. The ball is quite greedy and single meals don't satisfy its dangerous appetites. 
  19. An ancient teddy bear that has within its frame a demon of extremely dangerous aspect. This bear is actually a demonic bodyguard and its able to change once per day into a large Grizzly bear that will go nuts and try to kill everyone within a 30 foot radius. 
  20. A bag of the Ancients that is able to contains nine demons of fire, thunder, wind, and darkness. Once per day the owner can summon 1d6 demonic entities to do its owner's bidding. The bag can also open a door to Hell upon command.

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