Friday, July 15, 2016

1d20 Random Deep Wasteland Lovecraftian Alien Life Form Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Deep within the wastelands where the remains of ancient alien races still dwell, adventurers & outlaws might stumble upon all kinds of degenerate and weird survivals; strange races from across the spectrum of worlds and other dimensional locations.
Many of these creatures pose some real danger to adventurers and their companions,often times legends and myths speak of these terrors. Failed colony worlds, ruins, and weird locations can also offer rich pickings for the enterprising freebooter and adventurer for relics and various ancient treasures.

1d20 Random Deep Wasteland Lovecraftian
Alien Life Form  Encounter Table

  1. 1d8 alien mutant cultists with nothing to lose & sporting 1d4 mutations and cybernetic systems. There is a 30% chance of them sporting cybernetic alterations. 
  2. A shape shifting proto shaggothian life form that will seem to appear out of no where and wants to absorb PC's to add their lives to its existence. 
  3. A half demonic cultist whose gotten to close to a demonic rite and is effectively half demon. He's very pissed off. 
  4. A shantak carrion bird creature capable of ripping a man in half is serving a black wizard who wishes to use this twisted creature in his mad machinations, 
  5. 'A dark and sinister cloud creature wants human souls to consume so it convert them into soul energy for a launch back into deep space.  
  6. Lovecraftian horror of tendrils and razor like appendages capable of ripping a man in half but its after magic items and certain to be able to recharge its other dimensional door opening abilities. 
  7. A strange hooded priest of Hastur whose collecting the spleens of his victim to gain materials to summon its master. 
  8. An other worldly cultist has been merged with an other dimensional horror, this new hybrid has its own motives and is a free agent. 
  9. Mutant Jale cavemen with a minor demon whose trapped them into a weird symbolic relationship for their very soul. 
  10. Spawn of the Old Ones whose recently hatched but this thing has been trapped inside the protoplasmic master now it wants out and a single pact will allow it to do just that. 
  11. Small dreamlands style wizard known as the Black Monk is stalking the party. He wants an item recently recovered. 
  12. Elder Thing bio creation is seeking out a wizard to eat to capture his magic and reality warping abilities. It wants to crack reality and bring back slaves for its demonic overlord master. 
  13.  1d20 Morlock cultists seek to evolve into higher demonic lifeforms by killing and murdering any adventurers they run across. They have minor relic which has been attracting all kinds of attention in the wastes. 
  14. A party of Great Race time travelers is due in and the locals want to sacrifice adventurers in exchange for relics and minor treasures. 
  15. A group of time travelers from a slide line future is interested in possibly summoning a minor demon to kill and eat the party. They want to bargain for a major treasure for adventurers souls. 
  16. An ancient cult of ghouls sends for the party. They wish to discuss the lack of edict in dealing with the forces from outside and they have minor golden dish of summoning to prove the magicakal foes with target. 
  17. A giant mutated being is looting some nearby ruins and wishes to dine on the PC's and his patron wants to bargain for or simply  murder someone.
  18.  Mutated cybernetic organism looking for adventurers to lay eggs in. This being wants to suck the knowledge of reality from any wizards.
  19. 1d10 minor demonic spawn are looking to get into mayhem.  
  20.  A 1d20  small cult of Cthulhu is looking for sacrifices and well the party is handy. They are armed with more modern energy weapons. They are looking for relics and slaves as well as any magick they can uses.

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