Friday, July 22, 2016

1d4 Random Minor Post Apocalyptic Artifacts Of The Ancients Table For The Dungeon Crawl Classics Rpg System

There are those who believe that the brothers of man who even now fight to survive beyond the heavens; the Ancients of Merica trod on this world & countless others. They're traces have been left behind centuries ago, others have been come before you as well outlaws, waste landers, adventurers and those who would exploit the sacred legacies. Here then are 1d7 minor relics of the Ancients clutched in the dead hands of others who have come before you.

1d7 Random Minor Post Apocalyptic
Artifacts Of The Ancients Table
  1. Helm of the Old Ones - This helm gives the wearer insights into a myriad of hidden worlds and things around them by sorting through thousands of impressions, sights, smells, and sensitive bits of data incoming from the world around them. The dual high point processors of the helm enable a wearer to gain a +2 on all attack rolls because the helm is able to analyses and detect weaknesses in enemies PC's are facing. The PC however will have to sort through all kinds of incoming data such as news, weather, sports, thousands of commercials and more when the helm is used. These helms have thousands of hours of pre holocaust footage of the ancients recorded in them. There is a 30% chance of a PC coming across some vital piece of footage or news story that is vital to their current or future adventurers. Many wizards or other wastelanders spend days or weeks lost in the world of what was. Some helms can and will show hidden spiritual or terrible other dimensional locations that the sensors of the helm picks up.
  2. Eyes of Sholo- These strange soft ball sized artificial eyeballs were once children's toys able to project 1d20 holograms and illusions for the entertainment of young ones. Now however they've been corrupted by the powerful extra dimensional energies. They will project powerful quasi realistic illusions of monsters which will have the same effect as a fear spell as per DCC rules. When found they will have a 10% chance of having  eight charges from their high performance batteries. Only a technomancer or technologist has a chance of being able to get them back to full working order. 
  3. Berbie's Bracelet of Fun - This small golden bracelet wrought through with valuable plastic baubles is actually a sophisticated device capable of projecting a wide variety illusionary  clothing of the ancients. There will be 1d30 outfits ranging from 'Summer' Berbie's beach wear to Berbie's dream Winter wear all of these will keep a PC safe & sound during the conditions their made for. There is also a protective electrical field capable of doing 2d6 +2 points of damage with 1d10 charges when the bracelet is found. The bracelet must be activated by saying the command phrase 'Berbie Rocks!' as loud as the PC can when the bracelet is found. There is only a 5% chance of the bracelet working unless the device is found new in the box. 
  4. Card of the Mart - This A.I. device once belonged to ancient organization known as 'Mart', the largest & most dangerous corporate retailer in the world of Merica. The demonic A.I. perished in a blaze of commercial hell fire against another  wasteland demon lord perhaps Microcore or even the lich lord  Wizney. But these valuable cards remain, they are devices that store 1d100 or the more coveted  1d1000X 3 dollars. These imaginary values enable an adventurer to safely leave on of the Mart strong holds or ruins with all kinds of artifacts without alerting security bots or worse murder bots who guard the treasures of the ancients.  These have a three or four digit codes to pass by the bots and only certain wasteland wizards or technomancers who specialize in 'unlocking' these devices may know the code. They may charge for such sacred knowledge.

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