Monday, July 25, 2016

Crossing Paths With The Uaolel-sthugu & The Star Cult Base At The Keep On The Borderlands From Last Night's Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Actual Play Event

So our intrepid heroes in tonight's Fantastic Heroes & Witchery game are creeping through the woods after crossing paths with more lizard men. They found themselves coming face to face with a force of Uaolel-sthugu. These were standard Hobgoblins warriors straight out of the monster manual but given several mutations and modifications from Dark Albion's Cults of Chaos. Basically the make over gave these things a far more alien demonic appearance & I added in a bit of a Tibetan influence by giving the hobgoblins the following mutations; animal repulsion, chilling (touch), canines, hideous regeneration,extra eyes  & finally the ability to lay the influence of the evil eye. The Uaolel-sthugu are grown in laboratories by alchemists in the service of the aliens of the star cults. Because we're playing in a post apocalyptic Russia I gave these things a far more Tibetan influence and these yet they're far closer to AD&D's Ogre Magi then regular hobgoblins. The Uaolel-sthugu warriors are dangerous and display a hideously cunning intelligence coupled with a ruthless streak a mile wide.
In tonight's game the PC's ran across an unusual military bunker in the middle of the forest where there shouldn't be one. The place was guarded by the Uaolel-sthugu warriors and in the ensuing fight the PC's managed to sneak into this 'bunker' and ran into some weird laboratories where there were various specimens of humanoid warriors in sleep pods. Across the lab tables there were bits of power armor, weird weapons, and more that were being studied. Many of these relics were in preservation gel & the various warriors were alive but in heavily sedated states.

What the players don't realize is the fact that in actuality they're aboard one of the aliens flying craft & they're in grave danger. The artifacts belonging to the warriors who are being studied are only one small part of this new wrinkle. The aliens are sort of like the traditional Grays but even more metal and dangerous doing Lovecraftian alterations, giving techomagical gifts & even more. I've written about star cults before but in tonight's game I put some of the aspects of these things into practice.

Some of the relics and items that the PC's found were taken from the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea game which pairs very well with both Fantastic Heroes and Witchery & Dark Albion's systems. This gives a much needed back beat to these systems and helps to flesh out a bit more to this cult's background in the wastelands of my game.

Now what's going to happen when the party of adventurers penetrates deeper into the mysteries of the alien's ship? Perhaps they might not be happy to run into these things which are on ice down in the hold of the alien ship.

And what about the humans in the nearby village who have been kind to the PC's? Are they a part of the machinations and machinery of this dangerous cult of degenerate aliening worshiping fanatics? And what part does the Uaolel-sthugu play in all of this? Find out tomorrow!
Don't forget that Dark Albion and Cults of Chaos has both a pdf and print run on Lulu. Its a great addition to the arsenals of a DM! 

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