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1d20 Random Totally Eighties Crimson Dragon Slayer Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

When adventuring Thule, the weird & deadly go hand in tentacle with the shining Thulian suns. The place is rife with raging other dimensional energies & rolling other worldly storms that bring all kinds of stuff in from other dimensions.

In the day glo drenched deserts and wastelands of Thule there are always wandering outlaws, cut throats, adventurers or wanderers who are looking to exploit any fools that they run across. The suns of Thule bring with them many of these adventurers who are always looking to make a quick buck or gold piece & add another notch to their sword hilt. Many of these adventurers have come off world after seeking opportunities at Alpha Blue as it passes through Thules current weird dimensional position.

When traveling in the deep wastes of Thule the DM should have an encounter whenever the party of warriors of awesomeness enter a new hex. There is a 40% of there being a totally Eighties encounter, these encounters should be used sparingly. Some of these are quite deadly and might attract the attention of one of the lesser Lovecraftian demon dragon lords with a deadly melee.

1d20 Random Totally Eighties
Crimson Dragon Slayer Encounters Table
  1. A band of adventurers from an all girls private academy led by a matronly enchantress, they are on a quest of kick assery and higher learning. There is a 30% that they have a powerful magic item. 
  2. Two powerful fighters who are rich overlords, the pair are father & son who control a nearby manor house and spread. They are armed with very nice weaponry and seemly having a silver spoon in their mouths. 
  3. Here comes a pack of 1d20 space invaders flying in on some alien mission. Seek shelter in a nearby laser cannon or shelter bunk house. This place will last 1d10 rounds. 
  4. An animated cat and his mistress who needs to get laid in order to be real. She is accompanied by 1d20 cartoon outlaws and cut throats. Sugar is an old hand at the become real game and a con artist of the first order. 
  5. Shazbat A wasteland wizard on a mission of awesomeness looking for adventurers to help him recover a black magic item guarded by video game style monsters in a nearby day glo maze of deadly aspect. 
  6.  A group of teen adventurers are on a mission from their one eyed pirate wasteland patron. The ghost of this undead horror guides them ever onward. They seek the cube of power. 
  7. Several planet demons in vehicle form are on the trail of 1d6 space adventurers from Alpha Blue who are actually accomplished wasteland warriors in their own right. They are on the trail of several objects of power and could use several strong sword arms. 
  8. A green hued mutant barbarian warrior leaps unto the scene and he is followed by several vans filled with five fighters & warriors dressed in US army gear. They hunt the poor brute. If the party helps him he will reward them with a chest of cabbage patch kids relics he found. 
  9. A broken down bus is being assaulted by 1d10 wasteland raiders on the backs of giant bat demons. The bus is filled with other dimensional wrestlers and their 80's pop star manger. They will gain the upper hand during the sixth round of combat. They will join the party for an adventure or two lending a hand. 
  10. An older group of classic space adventurers from a Federation star ship are in the middle of a mission on Thule. They may or may help the adventurers, they have some blue bucks from a recent lay over on Alpha Blue that they are will share if the adventurers help them. 
  11. An amazon priestess of Taarna is on her way to the Purple Island on a holy mission she is stranded on Thule and seeks the cup of power that will help her on her way. She needs help in her mission. 
  12. A gang of high school adventurers have stumbled through a worm hole time door onto Thule they are armed with M-16's and are in need of extra clips and could use some help finding the next dimensional door. 
  13. A bumbling gang of 1d10 mutant outlaws led by a minor undead Thulian warlord is seeking a sword of power from Castle White Skull. He has killed his muscle bound warrior and now only the sorceress stands in his way unless a party of adventurers comes to her aid. 
  14. In the middle of the Thulian wastes is a '73 Gremlin brand new and broken down. It was being driven by Brad The Bold a barbarian warrior and his girl friend the wizardress Orial. He needs help to fix his ride and get to his mutant buddy whose being held in the tower of wizard. He wields the purple blade of the power sun! 
  15. The air ship Holy Diver is on a salvage mission for a crashed Thulian war machine. A rival gang of salvage warriors is already at the site and already into the recovery. There is some valuable Eighties shwag that you can see so whom will you add?  
  16. Followers of the Seventh Son are under attack by big brained Martian mercenaries armed with death rays and a ray tank. They're war cries of Ack, Ack, echoes across the desert sands. The followers have powerful magics but they're out gunned and out manned. 
  17. The tour bus of an Old Earth pop star has broken down, this dish water blond pop star is putting on a small concert for the locals but nearby a small but powerful gang of Thulian mutants is getting ready to attack! There will be three mutant warriors for each party member. 
  18.  A blue suited alien super hero is getting his ass kicked by three black clad alien warriors and they have the upper hand. The blows can be heard for miles for around. They are vulernable magic and relic weapons.
  19.  A gang of five warriors in a souped  up black van with a red stripe from Old Earth are on the run from 1d20 demonic warriors. Thulian magics and weapons will affect them but this team's weapons are somewhat ineffective. The five warriors know where their is a cache of treasure but they are helping to save an orphanage.
  20.   Alien cat meat traders from the planet Melmac have crashed on Thule and are in need of several parts to fix their craft. They're on a course for a return to Alpha Blue but a Thulian warlord has the parts and systems in his ruins and dungeon. They're willing to give the adventurers a lift back to the interstellar pleasure palace. 

There is a 20% of any of these NPC's having some minor relic or weird Eighties pop culture article that will be worth a small fortune on Thule.

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