Thursday, July 7, 2016

1d20 Random Wasteland Outposts Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are some items that come from off world or other worldly locations, items or relics of unusual nature that belie some of the other more esoteric traits of these finds.

Deep in the wastelands of other worlds there are strange outposts & trade points in the wastes where strange and weird find sometimes crop up from time to time. There are rumors that these places lead to other realms perhaps Atlantis or other seemingly mythological locations. The inhabitants of these places are sometimes alien, Fey like, or just plain strange. Most are harmless but on occasion there are very dangerous indeed.
Trade goods come in a very broad categories but mixed in there is a 30% chance of one of the more unusual items or relics come up in a market place or random shop.

Many of these items are the property of former adventurers and wasteland renegades. These items are sometimes cursed and other times they are simply items passing among the hands of those who wander the wasteland in search of glory, gold and fortune. 

1d20 Random Wasteland Outposts Finds Table
  1. +2 glass dagger with a special cartrage for poison or drugs, the dagger is especially nasty to demons or other supernatural creatures. 
  2. Three coins that can be used to summon the ghosts of those whom the adventurer has slain in the last three months. These coins can only be used for this purpose during the phase of the new moon. 
  3. A small mirror that shows any hidden or invisible foes of the owner in its reflection. 
  4. A 400 yard ball of twine that compels its owner to seek out mazes and solve them. The string is used to navigate them and then the memory of the event is burned into the memory of both the user and the twine itself. 
  5. A crystal ball and energy cell used to find sources of magical energy, the make shift device has been created by a mad scientist or hedge wizard of exceptional abilities. 
  6. +2 mace of disruption with 1d6 energy changes left capable of ripping through soft metals with easy 
  7. A dangerous chest of 1d8 minor demons and supernatural entities that will do the owner's bidding. 
  8. The picture of a famous fighter whose ghost can be summoned every two weeks from beyond the pale to do the owner's bidding. 
  9. A giant energy access crystal that can power a blaster for an extra 1d20 charges. 
  10. A very rare type of energy cell that can power a small bus but is only the size of a pack of cigarettes.  
  11. Rare twelve inch tall robotic mini android life form. 
  12. Slightly used Tricorder that has the complete works of William Shakespeare on it. 
  13. A map of the greater wasteland from before the time of the Apocalypse which will holographically change to the owner's contents. 
  14. A giant fist sized ruby containing a major pit fiend's brother devil that can be used to power 1d20 spells over a three month period. 
  15. This weird piece of fabric contains a mini plane complete with small castle and tiny moat infested with sharks. 
  16. This wand contains the three spells that form the keys to opening a portal to Hell. Any pit fiend is going to want to slay the owner to take the wand. 
  17. A key that opens the vault where the weapons of the gods are kept. The owner is allowed three weapons. 
  18. A spell book that contains the complete history of a well known lich, this spell book can be used to seize control of this undead fiend but  he will seek revenge against the PC's. 
  19. An anointed version of the black book of the dead, this book has 1d20 necromatic spells within it. Messing with this item automatically guarantees a visit from the necromatic demons to slay the PC. 
  20. A +2 bastard sword with daddy issues and a complex about its length but the thing can be used to slay minor demons.

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