Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Demonic Interlude At The Keep On The Borderlands From Last Night's Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Actual Play Event

The PC's in last night's game encountered something unexpected in the Russian wasteland underworld. The PC's dived into the deep end of something rather weird, did they get in over their heads?

So last night's game had something weird happen; two of my players Herbie & his son Ian had a family emergency and had to bow out. This put me down two PC's but it was a part of the adventure from last week's game. My big concern wasn't for the Tuesday night Fantastic Heroes & Witchery game but my players family. We've been tight friends for years now & the absence of players threw the encounter balance off but I had a few tricks up my sleeve. The other players arrived & so began the finally clean up between the PC's and the rest of the Kobolds.

The PC's found some coinage which wasn't local to the Russian wastelands, trade goods, and a hidden passage into a hidden underground tunnel that was used by the wizard & his minotaur bodyguard last game. They also came across a rather nasty surprise waiting for them below, a red skinned Norker like demonic shaman. This being was mumbling something & taping up a club handle when they came across 'it'. Actually it was her as one of the PC's found out when she took a shine to him. She was extremely slow moving and very well armored with a reddish  colored complexion over an exoskeleton of hard fibrous like plates beneath her skin.

The PC's took a few shots at her but only managed to knock her magic club from her clawed hand. The she took a few steps towards them & one of the PC's made an arcane roll to see if his character could identify what she was? Turns out she's a
Hauaelan a demonic worker bred from the hobgoblin template & infused with a demonic essence to work in Hellish dimensions & high gravity colony worlds by Elves thousands of years ago. Her kind have many of the innate characteristics of Type II Demons and 1800 strength but slow moving. They are incredibly hardy but the real danger is if these things get their hands on your character. She also has several chaotic mutations as well. One of the PC's who had experience on the Outer World colonies had encountered these things before.
Hauaelan a demonic workers who are used in construction & assembly of siege equipment. It took the party & the players the better part of the night to even move her and finally after almost two hours of combat and clever thinking on the part of the players she was forced back to her home plane. The PC's found an embossed scroll case near her and two magical scrolls near her position. There were a few bits and bobs that looked like they were dropped by the twisted  wizard the party encountered last session. The end result was the Hauaelan shaman was sent back to her own dimension and party moved on into the darkness.

So where did the Hauaelan come from? Well I started with the Norker from the Fiend Folio and used the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Referee Guide. Next I took several chaotic mutations including regeneration from Dark Albion Cults of Chaos.
Because of the modular nature of the Cults of Chaos book its easy adapted into the dark gaming ethos of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea which suits this campaign rather well.

Dark Albion Cults of Chaos is out now and Amazon has copies for sale; this is one of my top picks for 2016.

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