Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Slavers & Kobolds At The Keep On The Borderlands From Last Night's Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Actual Play Event

So last night's game was interesting to say the least, we had a bit of a mix of everything from investigative work to some good old fashioned dungeon crawling. The first thing that happened was a brand new player character was brought in from my Monday night crew investigating the disruption of trade between Keep and a neighboring post apocalyptic city state. My regular Tuesday night crew were already in the area investigating the same issue but came in on a game trail through the woods.

The lizard men had slaughtered everyone and there was little left during the daylight hours. The carnage was pretty intense with bits of corpses laying everywhere and wagons striped of anything of real value. The lizard men were long gone and had they had picked through everything. But the wasteland vultures were already starting to move in.

A family of green skinned mutant cave men were scavenging the wreckage when the PC's showed up. The crew's dwarf was able to grab one and knocked him out but when the cave man came too he tried to warn the PC's of the in coming slavers. The slavers quickly began to round up the cavemen whose mass mind affected them when the PC's Dwarven priest rendered him unconscious and the rest quickly followed suit.

The party's psychic tried to engage the slavers in dialogue but it quickly fell into a pitched melee with the PC's winning only through some very lucky rolls. There was also an incident of the psychic getting hit with a bit of back splash from an acid round. But with a lot of luck, some spells, a medi pack, and quick thinking on the party's part he survived but his new armor has some holes in it. Before being completely slaughtered the slavers called in back up in the form of a helicopter. There was a bit of confusion the party's account but they managed to get undercover while recovering the slaver's ground car.  The did a bit of damage to the chopper but didn't want to stick around to find out who or what was flying it.

The 15 MM minis are from here and are pretty much what I had in mind for this encounter. The party's Dwarven priest managed to find a nearby cave and almost immediately the party got assaulted by a giant rat.They dispatched it in quick order & began crawling along the recently cut tunnels in the

Crawling  in the tunnels proved to be a bit nerve wracking & only the human psychic couldn't see in the dark. They crawled for what seemed like hours only to come into the lair of the Kobolds! They came upon a meeting between the kobolds and the local rat mutants who were discussing the rising of the Orcs, the Hobgoblins, & the emergence of the cults of chaos. Needless to say these two local powers were not actually happy about it at all! And that kids is where we ended!

There were  a lot of loose ends from last night's Keep run through and their going to have to be resolved when the adventure whips around. The modern relic weapons and gear threw the players but it was fun to see them adapt. I'd say for this session a three out of five, I need to tighten up my DMing but its getting used to the ebb and flow of the Tuesday night crew that had me thrown last night.

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