Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Set Of Five 'Fantasy' Movies For Your Old School Inspiration

With the snows finally retreating I thought I'd throw a few more classics from the hollows of my video store days. Here's a few that have been in rotation in the VHS, DVD, And Blue ray player. 

These are pretty essential to my mindset for OSR gaming, as always your mileage may vary.  
Release The Films! 

Clash of the Titans 1981 

Labyrinth 1986
Lady Hawke 1985 

Jason and The Argonauts 1966 
Legend 1985


  1. I have seen all of these. Awesome fun movies.

  2. I've been stuck home for almost a week and I've been dealing with lots of snow and no gaming. So I've been playing catch up with some great films with my family. I have a great love of these films! I'll be posting more gaming material later today.

  3. A Kraken - in a watery labyrinth - hunted by a cursed knight - on a sailing ship - manned by faerie folk...

  4. Ladyhawke. Wow--haven't seen that in ages. thanks for the reminder. I'm going to see if we can locate a copy on our next foray to the library. Sorry to hear about the weather being frightful and all that, but it sounds like you're making he most of it. Jason and the Argonauts is pure awesome. I have yet to see Labyrinth. I'll add that to the list as well.

    On a tanget, have you by chance seen Time Walker? I woke up remembering some scenes from that movie, which was disturbing enough, now I'm trying to track down a copy. Have you already posted on it?

  5. garrisonjames- Starting on a tanget, Time Walker is definitely in a class by itself. Many years back I saw the film on rotation from a family friend who was in the 80's video/movie VHS tape game way back in the 80's. The film is really an old cult favorite of mine whose plot is ripe for stealing for a game. There's a specialized video store out of Chicago who might have a copy.
    I think the alien fungus is pretty good for 'Green Slime' from D&D!
    Lady Hawke is classic grab both a copy of the movie and book. I'm slightly more partial to the book for adapting into a D&D style of game adventure.
    Jason and the Argonauts is pure classic stuff. It will get its own blog entry tomorrow perhaps.

  6. Lee B- Sounds like a plan for a great adventure go for it!


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