Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Free Retro Science Fiction Download Inspiration - Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930 For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaign

Get It Right
Astounding Stories of Super Science was always one step from outrageous and very weird. The stories were exciting and entertaining as much as pulptastically cool. There was always an invasion of New York, San Francisco, or some other major city on the covers. This issue is a great resource for the pulp retro science fiction DM. 

 Featuring : 
  • The Man Who Was Dead / Thomas H. Knight
  • Monsters of Moyen / Arthur J. Burks
  • Vampires of Venus / Anthony Pelcher
  • Brigands of the Moon (Part 2 of 4) / Ray Cummings
  • The Soul Snatcher / Tom Curry
  • The Ray of Madness / S. P. Meek

  • Using 
    Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930
    For Your OSR Campaigns

This issue features some great stuff like the Man Who Was Dead by Thomas Knight and it works great as an origin point for a campaign. 
The Monsters of Moyen featured on the cover works as invasion or post apocalyptic start point. Many of the ideas are way,way, ahead of their time.  The Vampires of Venus are a straight up adventure/encounter story that can be inserted into an existing campaign or as a jump off point.  The Ray of Madness by S.P. Meek makes a great super hero or pulp hero campaign adventure.
 This isn't a bad resource for pulp or retro old school games. Grab it while you can and best of all its free! 

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