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More Free Sword and Science Fantasy Fiction- War of the Giant Apes From the April 1949 issue of Fantastic Adventures

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Apes, Giant Apes, Carnivorous Apes, Crypt Apes, Multi limbed beasts of fang and fury have always been a part of  pulp, D&D, Mars, and science fantasy.
 War of the Giant Apes makes another great crossover adventure for Astonishing Swords Men And Sorcerers of Hyperborea or any retroclone for that matter. Here the Apes are under the mind control of an invading Martain army. Everyone is complacant here except Dam Moran and he's got good reason too.
Apes on Mars are found everywhere and they mostly seem to be scavengers. I've always had a theory that many of these species were found in the low lying Martian jungles and hidden valleys someplace. The mutli limbed vary are not apes but the degenerate remains of some ancient races that has fallen into dispair and become nothing more then meat eating insane scavengers. The various races of Martian Apes including the rock variety have been exported throughout the universe for exploitaton by various sorcerers.
War makes another great crossover adventure and these beasts are nasty if encountered by a lone part of sword and sorcery PC's. Take any ape type double the hit points and reduce the armor class. Add in ancient Hyperborean(errm ancient Atlantian) mind control technology and your good to go.

 Using War Of The Giant Apes
 In Your OSR Campaign 

These apes make a very deadly encounter for any party. Most of these types of Martian apes are possibly remains of ancient preserves by cosmic races such as the Great Race of Yith or the Elder Things.
Most of these creatures are going to be found in hidden valcanoic paradises or hidden jungle plateaus. They might also be found thriving upon Carcosa or a simliar enviorment where the locals might venerate them as chosen of the gods or as gods themsevles.
Other lcoations where these great beasts might thrive might be the inner Earth near some flying saucer hanger ruins or deep within the Post Apocalyptic Mar underworld in some hidden grotto or near some ancient jungle temple ruin. They might still be guarding some artifact or hidden technology with a herd of plant eating Martian dinosaurs near by for variety.
The technology of the Martians in this story might hint at yet another lost Hyperborean Martain colony where the Jeddak is using much of his ancient horde to outfit troops and bring down the wrath of the Ape gods upon his foes.
 I hope you have fun with this monkey business that I've unleashed upon you. I've got to thank Green Skeleton Gaming guild for sending me bannas long ago for this one! 


  1. I have always liked the White Martian apes from the John Carter stories and flet of all the creatures they worked the best in a pulpy-D&D world.

    Also the sinister intelligent apes of The Lost World and Conan are also a lot of fun.

  2. Imma have to read this one, I'm afraid.

  3. I loved the White Apes From John Carter stories especially when he runs into in the Martian ruins in the first book. I completely agree with you about the White Apes working best in a pulp world.
    the various apes of both Conan and the Lost World are a good examples of degenrate ape hybrids especially Conan.
    I'm going to be switching back to the Dark Corner and more terror filled Pulp goodness. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Metal Earth I hope you enjoy it!

  5. Love it! So, is Giganto being controlled by the flatbed truck, or is he fighting it? I can see it either way...

  6. I believe he's being controlled by the flatbed truck. Then there's a twist and things get interesting. Love tales like this and I've got a similar tale tomorrow. Thanks for the comment Steve.


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