Sunday, December 29, 2013

Assault On The Armory Of The Winter Lords - OSR OD&D/Post Apocalyse Hybrid Actual Play

Last Night found me doing a OD&D style post Apocalyptic crossover game over my buddy Peter's place for the holidays. We had six players  very motivated and ready to kick ass and take treasure.
Our Party for this evening's adventure consisted of :
Wide Eyed Wilson ~ Hobbit Private Detective and small time thief 3rd level 
Acbar The Marvelous  Fighter of Renown -2rd level fighter 
The Harley Twins - Barbarians 3rd level played with cunning and nastiness by Harriet Wheeler
Dr. Temson Cumberpatch - Wizard 4th level and expert on artifacts from across the verse (or at least in his mind PC' stay well back) 
Gron - Grim Fighter 3rd level from the Dark Wastes of Beta Centuri (Human Mutant)
And Ethel The Wise (3rd level Cleric of Nodens ) Played by Peter. This cleric searches the lonely and desolate places across the multi planes for wisdom and artifacts for her order. She more then willing to leave PC's in tight spots to make them prove their wisdom and good sense.
She heals only when necessary and don't ask about the 'night gaunts' their a sore spot with her. 
The PC's were hyper space raiders from across space and time gathered to retrieve the sphere of  Destiny an object held some place within a New York City caught within the grip of a nuclear winter/ice age. 
Think 'Escape From New York' in winter with cults of  Wendigo Worshipers, shaggy Morlocks, dire were wolves, winter gangs, ice trolls,  hairy cannibal hobbits, demented ice wizards, and undead zombie Rockettes.

File:New York City Hall Park winter.jpg
The PC's were dimensional doored into the location out on the ice. 
The party started off across the ice of the harbor and ran into trouble. After dealing with a giant mutant  sea lion thing that erupted from the ice. The six hit point beast put their teeth on edge and really had them checking the ice around them before they got to the city proper. 

 The PC's were able to obtain some horses from a city park after an encounter with a bunch of cannibal hobbits and began the block by block journey into Radio City Music hall. The hobbits didn't fare so well. Even using pack tactics and a bad attitude.
They nearly fell into a trap set by a group of Morlocks living in the storm drains and tunnels of  New York. One of the PC's had to double up on the horses after one became Morlock meat. The PC's did obtain a six shooter gun(with ammo) from the Morlocks and a radiation grenade.

 An early Christmas present from Fish Wife games provided me with some fodder for our next encounter! The PC's ran into a cult of SUV using Wendigo worshipers who played cat and mouse gladiatorial combat with their victims before offering up the road pizza to their great Old One Master!

Grab that right over
The three block encounter lead the PC's into some real sticky problems but that gun they obtained from the Morlocks solved a couple of problems but it wasn't enough. 
'Wendigo's Wasters' claimed our  Hobbit Thief 'Wide Eyed Wilson' on Dec.28th 2013. Heroic efforts weren't enough to save the road pizza errm hobbit thief from a fate worse then death.
 The PC's were taken in by a seemly kindly couple who tended their needs and gave them help with directions until they were eaten by a pack of mutant dire were wolves after ten rounds!
The PC's were able to scavenge some materials from the couple and managed to escape as the dire were wolves finished the last bit of their meal!
 The PC's found themselves in a desperate battle between a rival gang of human were wolf killers and the dire were wolves. 
We ended the game on a cliff hanger for that evening! 


  1. Sounds like a great game when you can combine cannibal hobbits, morlocks and mutant dire were wolves.

  2. Thanks!
    This was basically my mid holiday game. I've been waiting together with old friends for quite awhile now! Part II is tomorrow night! So stay tuned for how it turns out! Remember the cardinal rule! Anyone can die at any time! More coming up tomorrow and thanks for the comment!


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