Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rumble On A Post Apocalyptic Mars - Stars Without Number Actual Play

Over the last couple of months the PCs in my Stars Without Numbers game have been dealing with the remains of a Martian clan. This clan was decimated by Apex Medical ( the big bad A.I. council controlled mega corporation in my games) and the clans  remains solid off as slaves to various interstellar interests. The PC's effected an operational save of the survivors, some royals, and have over the last couple of weeks made their way to a small pocket universe with a strange post apocalyptic Mars within and the other nine primaries.
Within a hidden valley which is satellite and sensor blind the PC's have been staying within the 'Summer house' of the Martian clan.
 The Clan has hired them to wage a grurella  war against Apex and find out why the corporation is on the planet.
Part of the reason might be this book.
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Many of the players suspect that Apex is there because of the work of  Ras_Thavas (who has not been seen in thousands of years.) But this might not be the same Mars that the players suspect. The Green Martians have only recently returned from the depths of space and this isn't the same world that they remember at all.
The PC's have already encountered several entrances to an extensive Martian Under world of mega dungeons and incredible interiors.

 There has also been extensive evidence of terraforming efforts and weird ruins of human colonies here as well. They've encountered the wrecks of several atomic rockets and the contamination of their cores. The PC's spent several days cleaning up and stowing the valuable radioactive material they found.

 The PC's hhave noticed that the Green Martians are sporting Radium Rifles with one hundred round drums and weird scopes on them. The rifles do 1d10+1 but also can hit anything out with exploding bullets one to five miles away. Some are now carrying weird automatics as well. When asked about this the Green Martians say something about dangerous Silver Rays ( actually robotic mecha drones armed with Xray lasers capable of taking a mech on. These seem to be only in certain territories).

 For now the PC's ship is drydock in a hidden Martian grotto. The PC's have started toward the polar Space Port/Space Elevator. While there are city states things seem a bit primitive and there are a lot of degenerative Red men around.
More coming up. 

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