Monday, December 23, 2013

Another Free Retro Science Fiction Download - 'Notice of Intent' October 1952 issue of Startling Stories magazine For Your Old School Sci Fi Campaign

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From The  October 1952 issue of Startling Stories magazine this is a great science fiction drug for your old school sci fi campaign. This stuff has appeared in my post apocalyptic Mars game. From the back of the magazine. 

Blurb: "They tried to corner the drug market, but they overlooked one possibility."

Synopsis: From Mars comes the wonder-drug Marcillin and a selfish plot by Earthly monopolists to corner the market on this precious new commodity.

 The wonder-drug Marcillin will act as a cure light wounds spell upon a PC's damaged body but there are far more uses for this mysterious substance. The stuff is only available through Apex Medical in my campaign at about 80 credits a shot to start with.  Marcillin is available in a liquid crystal combination that  acts as a natural catalyst drug. The drug will add two temporary points to Charisma and Constitution for 1d20 days at the end of which more treatments are needed. Other combinations of this incredible substance will add two temporary points of Wisdom as the user's mind expands in unexpected directions.
 For several thousand credits users may temporarily improve characteristics while make themselves younger and more desirable but there may be unexpected side effects. Ancient forms of this stuff may be hidden away in stone containers and weird underground vaults of the Martian underworld. This is the more desirable form of the stuff, spun and created by the ancient high Martian race thousands of years ago. 

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