Sunday, December 22, 2013

Naked Under The Stars! OD&D Klingon Carcosa Actual Play Adventure Part II Assault On The Temple of Dagon

The Imperial Klingons are growing more desperate as fissionable fuel begins to run out in the ruins of their space wreck. Three months(game time have passed and between parasite outbreaks, fighting for life and limb, not to mention getting ship systems back on line. Things have been interesting for our Klingon marines. 

 In tonight's OD&D Star Trek Game the PC's dealt with a spawn of  Shub Niggurath. A ten hit point lizard thing with hundreds of luminous eyes over its body. The horror had a tongue with razor sharp edges across it. Disruptor fire finally drove it off after six rounds of combat.
 The Imperial Klingon marines attacked the thing's worshipers and followed them back to the temple complex pyramid. The place was inhabited by Deep Ones using a nuclear pile to fuel a small hybrid village.There were two pyramids in the region of the PC's found themselves in. Two Deep one controlled nuclear reactors dedicated to both Father Dagon And Mother Hydra respectively. There were scattered Deep One hybrid villages throughout the region.  

The Deep Ones had stolen the cyrotubes from some of the PC's ship mates and were sacrificing the marines to the foul Great Old Ones operating in the area. There were two huge natural land locked seas in the area. After sneaking into the pyramid and finding their brethren being sacrificed all bets were off. The PC's attacked any Deep Ones they came across. They also upgraded their Disruptors to Mark II's which with a simple conversion kit are able to become Disruptor rifles. 

 The biggest shock came to the PC's when they found out that Deep Ones possessed energy weapons and a shoggoth. One of the PC's died when he got a face full of Green Slime from a projector carried by a Deep One. It ruined his day even as he blew away his attacker while he melted into a puddle.
The shaggoth proved to much for the PC's and they with drew for a bit. They finally found a nice coolant tunnel into the pyramid which was filled with mutant slugs. The party switched to Klingon melee weapons. One of the other PC's found a mono molecular sword in the muck in the tunnel just as one of the slugs spit acid at him. He dispatched the thing in no time flat. 

The PC's were able to grab some fissionable material just as they began to run low on charges for their disruptors. Several encountered the guardian shaggoth again and this time they were able to get away before it got to them. 

 They exchanged more energy weapon fire with the Deep Ones and were able to kill of one of their head priests/wizard which demoralized the bastards enabling the PC's to escape with the material. 
The PC's had a pitched battle in the jungles of Carcosa with Deep One hybrid warriors. But were able give a good show of themselves after recovering more disruptor energy cells for their weapons. 
They were finally able to lose their pursuers in the black parts of the jungles but ran into a  giant spider like spawn of  Shub Niggurith. They blasted the thing with their weapons and were able to loot one body for a spare blaster. It wasn't a disruptor but it would have to do in a jam.
After returning to base they were able to repair some of the wreck's systems. They had recovered four other warriors from the clutches of the Deep Ones and managed to over heat the reactor dedicated to Father Dagon. 

 1d10 Minor Treasures of Carcosa 

  1. A Deep One Control stone able to direct any Deep One hybrid as if a suggestion spell. Can only be used once a day. 
  2. An amulet of the Old Dog - This amulet enables the user to call 1d4 ghouls after the suns go down. They will not attack the PC's holding the amulet. This item can not control the ghouls merely call them. 
  3. A wand of the Winter Ones  this wand will summon 1d4 winter demons tot the character. Treat them as max hit point air elementals  able to summon the North Wind to freeze stuff instantly. 
  4. A minor computer tablet with alien porn playing on it. Functions as a science tri corder. 
  5. A data ring of the silent city, this item contains the day to day life of bone men including several hidden spellls not known to outsiders of the local tribes. 
  6. A crystal containing the life forces of over 1d6 souls trapped forever in this mad prison. The thing is able to tap two wizards for 1d4 1st level spells usble twice a day. 
  7. A statue of IOD made of plastic. The god is fond of this artwork and will smile on some one for returning it to his blue worshiping tribe in the east. 
  8. A bowling ball sized lump of crystal that shows bad visions of all possible  futures able to drive the user mad unless the saving throws are made. The user may create 1d6 illusions from within their own mind once a day. 
  9. An ornately carved tusk from some forgotten god, once a day it will gate in one random Lovecraftian monster. The thing will try to eat the PC unless PC grovels and makes the correct gestures and possibly sacrifice as well. The tusk will allow a sorcerer to open a gate way to another dimension. 
  10. A Living Guardian Statue of Cthulhu This statue is the bound form of a stat spawn. It will do the user's bidding for 1d6 days and challenge the PC to a game of chance for their souls.  


  1. klingons and carcosa: Now there's a combo!

  2. It seems to be a winning combination Trey! Players love it and it may become a Christmas tradition. I'm not going to see Peter and his family till next Christmas. They've going back to Maine, New York state, etc. so I won't see them till next year but they want to continue the game. So into the folder it goes and it will sit but Carcosa will continue!
    Thanks for the comment

  3. Yeah, Klingons on Carcosa is truly inspired. Great stuff as usual Needles.

  4. I've got more coming up edowarsblog! Some weird happening right after the holidays my friend.

  5. I'm digging it too. Sounds like a blast.


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