Monday, December 30, 2013

Review and Commentary On 100 Things To Scavenge Out Of Abandoned Vehicles In The Apocalypse From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Get It Right Over

This is a two page list that does exactly what it says. Cars and vehicles are like little piggy banks of death and destruction just waiting for party's to stumble upon them.
 For my own games of post apocalyptic goodness I've used nuclear powered cars that explode like mini balls of radioactive fun when hit by bullets or as lairs for all sorts of mutant beasties.
 Fish wife games rounds out the first in an on going set of interesting stuff to find, scavenge, and encounter inside the wasteland.
100 Things To Scavenge Out Of Abandoned Vehicles In The Apocalypse
This 100 list provides a wide array of items that a group of post apocalyptic survivors might be able to recover from the assorted abandoned vehicles found along the highways and roads, in parking lots, garages, and driveways, etc. Some items are fairly normal for goods to be found, others hint of an attempt to load up and evacuate from a hostile situation. Roll the percentile dice 1d4 times for each vehicle explored and read off what the characters have found.

Using the '
100 Things To Scavenge Out Of Abandoned Vehicles In The Apocalypse' List 
In Your Old School Campaigns 

I remember back in the 80's when 'The Day After' and 'Threads' hit the airwaves. They scared the crap out of me in grammar school.
It was the scenes of abandoned cars and this scene that really stuck with me. 

This list let's a DM basically randomly stock any car, jeep or wheeled vehicle with 'stuff to find'. Good solid stuff with all kinds of weirdness waiting to happen. Drop a 'Buick' on your favorite party and let them go to town in any OD&D style game. 
Have a bunch of characters encounter a classic '57 Chevy out in a dinosaur infested swamp and then watch their faces as the occupants come to life!
In my Mutant Future games this has been a regular occurrence with a rough couple of encounters at least once a every turn.
 Upon Carcosa there have been various flying saucers with cars and skeletal occupants. Many of these haven gone well. 
Then there's the random car floating through space in a science fiction, space opera, or science fantasy game. 
For the money these are solid, easily adaptable, and reliably surprising products.
All in all I was pretty pleased with 100 Things To Scavenge Out Of Abandoned Vehicles In The Apocalypse.
I've still got more fiendsish uses for this product right down the line. 

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