Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Five Cult Classic Old School Science Fiction Movies For Your New Years Day

Here are five old school science fiction classics for your New Years day! These are old favorites which still haunt my VCR even in 2014! 
Don't for get to be kind and rewind!

Battle Beyond the Stars 1980 

Star Crash 1979 

Buck Rogers In the 25th Century Movie Pilot Trailer (Fan Made) 1980

 Flash Gordon 1980 Trailer 

Message From Space 1979 


  1. I've a few more 'classics' coming up Trey! Thanks for the comment my friend and Happy New Year!

  2. I still need to pick up a DVD of Message from Space. Such a great film.

    They used the ship from Battle Beyond the Stars in at least one other movie, but I can't remember it now. Do you recall what it was?

  3. Fractal Bat - Yeah I definitely need a new copy of 'Message From Space' , its an all time favorite of mine.
    The movie your thinking about with the Battle Beyond The Stars spaceship model where it was re-used was in the film 'Space Raiders'.
    Thanks for the comments and there will be more to come!


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