Thursday, December 12, 2013

Down Into The Depths - A Post Apocalpytic Mars Stars Without Number Actual Play

 In tonight's game the PC's unloaded their ATV's  from their star ship and began the task of exploring a bit of their host clan's summer house. This house was actually a converted temple palace that in ages past connected to the vast Martain mega dungeon canal system.
They discovered after reading heiroglyph covered walls in the lower portations about a rail car system that ran deep through the planet conncting various areas.
More recent glpyhs suggested that an Entropic war broke out sometime in the past two hundred years and many of the citystates retreated underground and had only recently begun the long trek up again.
There were at least two different terraforming generators operating on planet. The glyphs outlined some of the horrors awaiting the PC's.
Weapons were broken out. ATV's equipped and sensor packages installed. The vault doors to the disused air car systems were opened for the first time in over two hundred years.
 The PC's started into the Canal/underground train routes which lead deep into the planet.
The PC's sensor suites lit up like Christmas trees with life forms as they began the trek into the underworld.
Here are a few of the possible random encounters that might meet the characters soon.
1d10 Random Underworld Martian Encounters table. 
  1. Blind mutant martian humanoids who see by echo location and scavenge for material. The monsters are AC8, Hit points 2, and with a bite that does 1d4 points of damage. Blind and mostly idoitic these monsters are quick to attack. 
  2. Giant Martain Bats - Hit Dice 3 AC 8, Damage 1d3, 
  3. Giant Mutated Ticks Hit Dice 4 AC 8 Damage 1d4 bite, with a 40% chance of carrying a rare disease 
  4. Undead Martian Alien Zombie Hit Dice 7 AC 8 Damage 1d3 bite with 80% chance of carrying zombie rot or worse. 
  5. A 1st level fighter/ survivor from a rival clan looking for another clan vault to raid. Armed with short sword, night vision goggles, and hand laser flash light 1d6 40 yard range 4 charges left. 
  6. A humanoid bat thing Hit Dice 6 AC 7 Damage 1d4 claws, 1d6 bite. Intelligent and cunning this scout for his tribe is looking for easy pickings. Will flee if three or more damage is done to get reenforcements 
  7. A giant martian sand slucg Hit Dice 4, AC8, Damage 1d4 acidic bite. Four foot long slug that will attack anything. 
  8. A broken human colony robot looking for spare parts. Will avoid melee at all costs. Willing to trade parts for underworld information. 
  9. Blind, sick, radiation scarred mutant zomibe about ready to crumble to dust at the least action. Actually will erupt into an explosive cloud of zombie dust. 80% of those caught in the 10 foot radius will be infected with plague or zombie disease unless a save is made. 
  10. An ancient Martian android willing to lead PC's to a forgotten temple in exchange for a favor otherwise on a religous pilgrimage to a forgotten clan vault. 

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