Friday, December 20, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Mars - 'Mecha Battle In The Underworld' Stars Without Number Actual Play

 Tonight's game found my players deep within the Post Apocalyptic Martian underworld. A labyrinth of ancient tunnels, weird winding roadway like structures, and ancient canal water ways.
Here and there were ruins, stumps of old foundations, bits of spacecraft and much more.
The PC's ran into their first trap. An ancient discarded war robot with a working A.I. & upper body. The thing didn't have any weapons but radioed ahead to another A.I. controlled robot/mecha. This thing laid a trap of tripwire monocular webbing attached to several crystal plants which played havoc with electricity through the wire. The party's scout had a devil of a time clearing the stuff. The war bot tripped ahead of the party several klicks ahead. Always keeping out of reach of their ATV's weapons and sensors.
Several probes activated on the roadway and despite the party's attention stayed just out of range until the party's teleporter got ahead of one and burned it solidly.
The probe was  weird solid metal ball with a psi crystal center. The thing was being psychically controlled and frustrate the party because there wasn't any real technology or such to play with. A second smaller ball was spotted flying near the ATV the party was riding in and this one had a stealth field unit.
The party engaged in combat and dealt with it. It self destructed with a telekinetic explosion destroying the delicate psi crystal inner core of the thing.
Much later in the deeper tunnels the party was lead on a merry chase by the A.I. controlled mecha. This thing always managed to just stay out of weapon range and made the party follow it.
The thing was able to activate several bio weapon cybernetic organisms. These mecha sized problems played dodge rock with the party's mecha, ATV and almost had them several times.
The party was forced deeper into the planet where several bunker enclosed laser bio weapon cyborgs waited! The party engaged and despite some minor damage able after two hours of wrangling able to by pass and destroy these Martian horrors from olden times. 
The party rides on .. for now!

Mecha B
io Weapon Cybernetic Organisms.
Number Appearing: 1d4
Armor Class: 3 (polycarbon cybernetic plate)
Hit Dice: 4 
Attack Bonus: +6 
Damage: 1d8 or mecha weapon ( bio laser Range 500/1k ,Damage 3d10 )
Saving Throw: 13 + 
Move: 30'
Morale: 9 

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