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Commentary On The Agents Of Shield Episode 'Repairs' and The Dark Side Of The Marvel Movie Universe In Your Old School Super Hero Campaigna

After three weeks ago Asgardian fest the 'Well' we're now blasted into the dark side of the Marvel movie universe with last week's episode 'Repairs'. There is a definite vibe of 'Anti mutant' style hysteria with a rogue telekinetic if that's what she was in last week's episode? The various alien invasions have probably played merry havoc with the world and Shield for that matter.
 This is certainly not our world nor was it ever. There are cosmic events here in this Earth's history and they keep leaking their consequences down through the ages.

We know that five to ten thousand years ago, a war happened  on Earth and that the Asgardians were involved. The Dark Elves intrusion onto the Marvel movie universe was a direct result of this and the reappearance of Thor here. It also shows that the alien nature of these beings isn't always a good thing to us mere mortals. 'Repairs' got into the darker side of the movie Marvel universe. The idea of transformation as the gate way to death and not as simply the gate way to great power. 
There are aspects here of the darkness that seems to be a part of the undercurrent of the Marvel movie universe.
Rewatch 'Repairs' here and see what I mean.
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I think that we're seeing a bit of a dark under current  or could one say almost fascist sort of leans of Shield and its operatives? Or perhaps there are other organizations working behind the scenes and in the ranks that have very different agendas. I think that the movie going public are being set up for something. That something is Captain America Winter Soldier. 

There is probably a ton of Dark Elves artifacts lying around that Shield isn't going to get around to cleaning up. An organization like Damage Control is doing the rebuild but who takes care of the clean up of alien artifacts? Could there be another shadow organization that we've not seen handling this sort of thing or it is possible that a high level out side government contractor goes in?
   I saw Iron Man III over the Thanks Giving holiday and while I did like aspects of it. I've always been a fan of the Mandarin( you know one of those villains you love to hate) and the movie simply pissed me off. As a friend said, "I appreciate the movie for its Agents of Shield connections but otherwise. UMMM no to some of the other stuff portrayed."
      One aspect of the movie that sort of rings true is even if the hero wrecks AIM and its projects. Someone someplace is going to pickup the pieces and start right back up on the materials and its super soldier applications or if they where smart the organization would have used the cell structure and simply relocated and moved on. I think that there are a number of such organizations operating all over the world and that AIM, Hydra, and various other incarnations are going strong at this moment in the Marvel universe. Yet we've seen none of them in the Agents of Shield show. But we did get a look into some of how they operate in another Marvel movie property. I'm speaking of the new Wolverine movie. 

So whose behind the various powerhouses of the Marvel movie universe? I think that there are a number of so called 'super villains' that simply set up organizations,  advance capital, and see that the fruits of their labor are released onto the world as the chaos ensues. Remember in the Marvel 616 comic book official incarnation there have always been super villains working together. The problem with any of this stuff is the time scale. Some folks don't grow old and die, others seem to be immortal, others are gods, etc. Death is never permanent in the Marvel universe and never has been. Could it be that the lines of reality only apply to lesser beings. That there is a giant chess game going on that only a madman can see? Are the chess pieces put into play by the so called Illuminati of the movie Marvel universe?
Using The Marvel  Illuminati In Your Old School Super Hero Campaigns

According To Wiki : 
The Illuminati are a group of comic book superheroes who joined forces and secretly work behind the scenes in Marvel Comics' main shared universe.
They each represent a certain something that is very special to the Marvel Universe:
  • Namor is a ruler of the oceans and represents the antihero mindset.
  • Tony Stark represents the Avenger type of hero, one who understands and appreciates that a hero can work with the government, rather than outside of it. He also represents the common man, as he possesses no natural superhuman abilities.
  • Reed Richards represents the science-based part of the superhero community.
  • Black Bolt represents the Inhumans, who are an important part of Marvel history and play an important part in events that have not yet come to pass. He also represents a ruler/king archetype, one that has also been filled by Namor.
  • Doctor Stephen Strange speaks for the mystical/non-scientific side of the Marvel universe.
  • Professor Charles Xavier is there on behalf of the mutant community.
    They all bring with them a unique viewpoint and perspective that isn’t shared by the others.
     I think that behind the scenes these folks have been manipulating the entire battle field to their advantage for centuries.
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    I've been watching the Black List from NBC starring James Spader and over the course of the Thanks Giving Holiday certain facts dawn on me. 

  • The super spy game is still on going and Wall Street has been added to the mix. 
  • The days of the Super Spies are still on going but we need to understand that these folks are now free lance operatives. 
  • The gadgets and characters are not so much the focus as the storyline as well as surroundings are. 
  • The Black List is Marvel Super Heroes grown up.
     This isn't the first time that the lines between super agents and balls to the walls action have been around. Believe it or not I've run a very successful Marvel Supers game using a very different director Nick Fury then the one we've seen back in the 90's. 

    You see Charlton Heston  in " True Lies " was my go to Nick Fury back in 1994 when the emergence of the Super Humans began when Marvel did one of their famous reboots. 

Omega Sector has been a division of Shield since '95 in my Marvel Super Heroes games and handles many of the so called "Omega Level Threats."

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 Repairs basically showed the blow back logic of the various invasions and snfus of the recent events of Thor Black World and The Avengers movies. Yet the loss of life and resulting weirdness are only now beginning to manifest (I hope). 

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