Monday, December 30, 2013

Five More Cult Classic Sword and Sorcery Films For Your Old School Campaigns On the Dark Corner Blog

 I bare no responsibility for the following Barbarians, Cavemen, Cut Throats, Thieves, Fighters, and Dimensional Raiders invading your campaigns from The Dark Corner Blog!
They are all waiting right over
With the following warning! 


  1. I remember seeing Yor in theaters way back when. It was a really bad movie...really bad. Though I haven't watched it in decades, so I might appreciate its cheesiness more now.


  2. Happy New Year edowarsblog!
    Yor The Hunter From The Future was always in rotational play at the video store I worked in back in the 1990 something in all its cheestastic glory! Age might not appreciate it's (ahem) finer sentiments to be sure. The movie is an acquired taste sometimes requiring certain types of antacid.
    That being said the concepts presented are far better then the actual film and ones I've used time and again. ;-)
    Thanks for the comments but there are far,far, worse then Yor actually from some of the 80's sword and sorcery movies and worse yet from the 90's as well!


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