Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Free Stars Without Number Mandate Archive ~ Mandate Archive: Cabals of Hydra Sector From Sine Nomine Publishing For Your Old School Space Opera

 Get It Right

There are espionage campaigns and then there are those that beg the question of sacrifice, heroism, and damage to PC's. This free suppliment is one of the latter. A plug in with The Darkness Visible material this is one nasty little seven page freebie for SWN. 

Shapes Without Names

This new Mandate Archive provides an overview of two of the sinister covert cabals that operate in the Hydra Sector, as detailed in the Stars Without Number core book. Snatch this free PDF up for your own campaign, or use them in conjunction with the new Darkness Visible campaign guidebook for espionage adventure.
The Gansu Loyalty Association serves as the fist of the brutal Great Exemplar of Gansu, his secret police among the stars. Its ruthless agents war as much amongst each other as against the hated offworlders, each striving to gain more control over the precious flow of offworld luxuries. When not at each others' throats, they gnaw at the pillars of their neighboring worlds. The Great Exemplar can be safe only when every other world is rendered into rubble, flame, and red chaos.
The Daedalus Group hides the grim secret of the AI master of the Mixcoac Shipyards. Faced with the certain destruction of his people at the bloody knives of the Burning Mirror Compact, the AI Daedalus has consented to the removal of the limiting brakes on his artificial reason. Now free, the light of brilliant creativity pours into the shipwright- along with the terrible glare of growing madness. Can the Daedalus Group hide this criminal sacrifice from an unsuspecting people until the AI can produce a war-winning weapon?
Full agency statistics are provided for each of these cabals using the system outlined in the new Darkness Visible supplement for Stars Without Number. In addition, a capsule list of a dozen additional secret agencies and rebel cells is provided for your reading delectation.

 Using The 
Cabals of Hydra Sector

Much of the material here is specific to the Darkness Visible material  and fits right into any existing campaign for Stars Without Number. It could with little effort be the perfect material to jump start on an ultimate interstellar spy gig.
Most of the seven pages contains hooks, new adventure seeds, and campaign jump starters. There are whole background groups that might be dropped into existing campaigns but the fit is going to be tight. All in all this is  fine addition if your looking to hook into the ultimate super spy insterstellar campaign and incorporate in The Darkness Visible suppliment into either a high stakes industrial espionage or interstellar thriller with spies, vat grown assassins, and more climbing over the PC's. A small word of warning, the PC's are going to be tad poles swimiming with sharks in this seven page NPC spy fest. There are some very powerful allies and enemies in this capmaign. 

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