Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cat And Mouse In The Martian Underworld - A Post Apcoalyptic Mars Campaign - Stars Without Number Actual Play

The PC's in tonight's game played cat and mouse games with some Martian nuclear drilling machines and finally ended up on the surface amid some Tharkian Green Martians.
Even with a light mech and their ATV explorer they weren't about to tangle with a robot crewed  nuclear powered Martian drill machine armed with  two anti vehicle lasers and mini missiles. After some fancy maneuvering the PC's managed to lose the nightmare machine.

 They opted to go top side and play amid the ruins of some nameless lowland Martian city state. There a party of  Green Martian Tharks were dealing with a raiding party of  red men mutant scavengers! This party in a ground car was assisted by 2nd level fighters on hover bikes.
 The mutant red men were armed with mag rifles, light lasers, and a Thunder Gun mounted in the ground car. It took the PC more then half an hour of dealing with the forces even assisted by the Tharks.

 The PC's finally routed the mutant bastards and found out that this tribe of renegade red men were hunting for Tharks because of a bounty on Thark skulls for 200 credits each. These tattooed rogues are a tribe of nothing more then skull hunters without honor and so the party finished them to a man.
The Tharks were pretty secretive to the party but took them to a semi underground bunker that had been converted into a secret Green Martian trade city.
There were several close calls with entropy fall out created mutated Martian horrors especially the White Carnivore Apes. These bad boys can give a medium sized mecha a hard time and use both telepathy and pack tactics to deal with prey.

1d10 Random Martian Post Apocalyptic Encounters  Table Amid The Ruins 
  1. A pack of mad Ghoul plague infected Cadlots # 1d8  Hit Dice 1-1 Dam 1d4 bite 
  2. A high Martian priest of Issus looking for artifacts to inspire his followers with. Guarded by two ghouls  Max hit points 
  3. A pair of red men scouts armed with spears, short swords, and looking for trouble. Dressed in kilts and clan tattoos. 2nd level fighters, traveling on foot but with two mutant throats near by. 
  4. A party 1d8  of red men mutant cave men from a nearby clan looking for sacrifices to their alien god. These guys fight as 1st level fighters and are armed with metal clubs as well as knives. 
  5. A small proto plastic flesh blob hunting for victims amid the ruins. This 2 hit dice monster has an armor class of 8 but its touch causes 1d4 points of damage as it dissolves flesh. 
  6. A small clutch of green men warriors armed with traditional Martian weapons( short sword, long sword, dagger, rifle, and pistol) looking for an escaped slave and some artifacts amid the ruins. Fight as 2nd level fighters. 
  7. A mad earth element lurking amid the ruins and driven mad by the fall out. 6 hit dice monster with an armor class of 3 and capable of doing 1d8 points of damage. Completely and utterly insane! 
  8. A small remote for some an ancient mechanical horror that lurks below the shifting sands. This small very cute thing will lure anyone it can to its master for murder. Capable of projecting holograms and sensory illusions. 
  9. Ancient martian ghosts haunting the remains of their city. These horrors will try to drive any they meet insane! 
  10. An HG Wells Martian slaver probe saucer looking for choice slave stock. The thing will try to escape detection while transmitting back to its hellish masters! A raiding party will arrive within 1d6 rounds! 

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