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The FgHtre'Ru - The Bowl Of Ancient Chaos For Your Old School Space Opera

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The FgHtre'Ru is a bowl dedicated to the ancient chaos Gods from the mutated carapace of several species of mutated humans and near humans.
The bowl is imbued with the power of Chaos itself from a top the highest peaks of a world and calls down the God's favor. Alternatively the bowl may be taken within the belt of a gas giant and subject to the life giving atmosphere of the primal soup for its charge. 
A rain of blood and fire then charges the bowl with the "Winds of Mutation" and the instrument then retains the energy of the divine intervention. The bowl must have a least a cup  wine or water for its effects to take place. Those who partake of the bowl's gifts are referred to as the "Impure" as the forces of chaos itself course through their bodies. 
The 1d10 Table of Random Effects for "
The Bowl Of Ancient Chaos"
  1. The "Impure" receives 1d4 random mutations from your favorite table and is favored by the powers of Chaos for 1d6 days. It should be noted that these powers are fickle at best and malevolent at worst. 
  2. The  mutant receives +1d4 to his physical attributes but his intelligence is lowered by 3 points. 
  3. The mutant grows an extra body part with its own intelligence that separates from him within 1d4 days. The thing will be murderous and try to kill the fool who took a sip. 
  4. The mutant is genetic structure is given an extra boost and he now receives 1d4 temporary constitution points. 
  5. The mutant is given the insight of the worlds and is granted a divine vision of Chaos itself. He is put within a coma for 1d4 days and receives 2 wisdom points. 
  6. The user's spit has an acidic quality that does 1d4 points of damage with a 10 foot range. 
  7. The mutant is given insane visions of the Outer Darkness and his soul is given over to those powers. He returns with a lower armor class but no soul at all. When he dies his body erupts in a rain of blood, bile, and tendrils that do 1d6 points of damage. 
  8. The mutant becomes a "sex machine" and receives 3 hit points. His charisma goes up by 2 points but he or she is subject to erotic pseudo genesis. DM and player's imagination. 
  9. The mutant gains a charge of Chaotic radiation that will damage the genetic structure of any it strikes for 1d6 random mutation that will manifest within any off spring.
  10.  The "divine ecstasy" is too much for the mutant and he explodes in a shower of organs and chaotic energy for 1d8 points of damage. 

The bowl is a living thing and regenerates as a troll. Anyone damaging the bowl will receive a visit from its "Divine Chaotic Guardian"
Divine Chaotic Guardian
Name: Retriecura
Title: The Custodian of the Bowl 

Symbol: The Bowl Of Change 
Movement: 50' 
Armor Class :2(17)
Hit Dice: 30
Saving Throw: F15 
Morale: 9 
Hoard Class: 3200 GP's worth of offerings 
Challenge Level/XP:10/1400

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