Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Post Apocalyptic Game Module -Ruins of Woebrook : Fane Of The Frost God

Its a very exciting time to be an OSR gamer and just this morning I got this great pdf from Justin over at a Field Guide To Doomsday!! Another one of his free modules and man this one is a hoot!
I can see running the hell out of this with some players over the weekend!
Using The Fane 

Woebrook is a perfect location for stocking up a spacecraft as well as your post apocalptyic gaming needs. This location has it all! Seriously this is going to challenge mutants and red shirts!
It features : 
16 mindblowing pages of pure mindblowingness!!!



And a brand new specie of beastie, never before seen!!!
 The maps are crisp and easy to read. The location is very deadly and well developed and there's further plot twists with a possible dungeon below the location for the DM to expand into.
Best of all its free!
Right over HERE
Nice job Justin  ***1/2 stars 


  1. This is going to be used very soon my friend! Thanks for the work and the effort at the Field Guide to Doomsday.


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