Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beyond The Time Barrier Post Apocalyptic Time Travel Movie For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

Beyond the Time Barrier is a perfectly trashtastic science fantasy time travel movie. Its a great movie to draw from for your post apocalyptic games. 
The Plot According To Wiki: 

U.S. Air Force test pilot Major Bill Allison (Robert Clarke) flies an experimental aircraft to sub-orbital spaceflight successfully but loses radio contact. He lands at his airbase that now is abandoned and seems old and unused. Mystified by his surroundings, he sees a futuristic city on the horizon where he is rendered unconscious and captured by the inhabitants.
Allison discovers that he has entered a wormhole through time and has landed in the year 2024 that contains survivors from a cosmic plague that hit the Earth starting in 1971. The inhabitants of the dystopia who are dying out live in an underground city called The Citadel. They are led by the Supreme (Vladimir Sokoloff) and his mute and telepathic granddaughter Princess Trirene (18-year old, at the time, Darlene Tompkins). Against them are the literal outsiders, the bald violent mutants who seek to kill everyone they can. Also present are similar accidental time travelers labeled "scapes"; the Russian Captain Markova (Arianne Ulmer) who came from 1973 and General Kruse (Stephen Bekassy) and Professor Bourman (John Van Dreelen) who have come from 1994 to escape the plague of the time
Using Beyond The Time Barrier Post For Your Post Apocalyptic Game

The look of the Time Barrier is pure vintage 1960's Atomic Post Apocalytic goodness. We've got two different camps of mutated folks vieing for the scant resources of the world of 2094. Then we've got the element of time travel. The Citadel is a perfect "Fall out" like game resource for the players. 

There are certainly hints of the mega dungeon like structures throughout the movie. I picture vast underground bunkers with Gygaxian ecologies of mutants, zombies, and general mutated weirdness. 
The Mega Dungeons of the movie remind me of some of the weirdness I've seen in first and second edition Gamma World especially the Sub Train adventure. The movie reminds me of the world of Logan's Run the television show. The Irwin Allen time travel elements set the movie apart. Yet I can't help but believe that the underground bunkers seen in this film are only the tip of the Iceburg.
The world of the Time Barrier is wide open for customization by a Dungeon Master and begs for some random tables, weird technology, and more details about this plague that began in 1971.
The world seems to have come in starts and stops as the ebb and flow of the cosmic plague plays merry havoc with the world. High technology and twenth century fire arms and problems.
There could well be anything within this world and seems to serve as a sort of a blank POA blank canvas with various survivor factions and alliances dancing around the scant resources of the wasteland. 

Full Movie right Here 
The sets of this movie look as though they might be used for the original Twilight Zone and that at any moment another race of mutants is going to ambush the main characrers. Happy Gaming! 

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