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In The Year 2889 1967 movie For Your Old School Space Opera And Post Apocalpytic Games

 In The Year 2889 is another one of those public domain trashtastic movies that I love to pick on. This one is not your typical "After The Bomb" movie. I saw this film while I was living in Boston in a worn out VHS machine and believe me it shows.
 Here's The Full Movie 
The Wiki Over of The Plot :
In the Year 2889 is a 1967 apocalyptic science fiction television film about the aftermath of a futuristic nuclear war directed and produced by low-budget cult film auteur Larry Buchanan. The film was commissioned by American International as a colour remake of Roger Corman's Day the World Ended (1955) intended to be shown on television.[1]
In the film, a nuclear war has wiped out almost all of Earth's citizens. It is set in the year 1977; not 2889. The movie follows a group of survivors in a Dallas mansion threatened both by rising radiation levels, a ruthless tough guy and cannibalistic mutants.
The title is the same as that of an 1889 story by Jules Verne and Michel Verne.
Using  In the Year 2889 For Your OSR Gaming 

It wouldn't seem like there's much here to use. Actually there is if we take the movie and twist it around a bit. 

 Lets take a quick look at the plot of "The Day The World Ended" upon which this movie is based. 
The film starts later in the day, following an all-out atomic war, which has apparently destroyed most (if not all) human civilization, and has left the Earth contaminated with radioactive fallout. The apparent single exception being a box canyon, surrounding by lead-bearing cliffs, in which former Navy Commander Jim Maddison, lives with his daughter, Louise, in a home stocked with supplies and located in the canyon, against just such a holocaust. Into this natural bomb shelter come stumbling several survivors, who just by happenstance were inside the canyon when the war occurred. After initially refusing to admit the others, Jim relents when his daughter pleads with him and appeals to his humanity. 

Among the survivors are a geologist, Rick - who just by coincidence happens to specialize in uranium mining - (Richard Denning), and a small-time hood, Tony (Mike Connors - billed in the film as "Touch" Connors), and his "moll" Ruby, on their way to San Francisco.

Right off the bat we've got two ready made plot elements for any party. A well stocked base with plenty of equipment and a perfect venue for adding in a party of PC's into this mix. 

The Day The World Ended presents a monster from beyond the stars  that has already be extensively covered for Mutant Future at A Field Guide To Doomsday Spawn of Devastation Drive In Free PDF book. 

The real danger to any PC's if the characters in the movie are used is Tony whose got all the makings of a minor criminal warlord  or petty tyrant. Yeah, he's exactly the type of villain who'd be the head of thirty mutant first level fighters and have his own little spread in a post apocalyptic world. 

Options For Space Opera And More 

  1. The 2889 might need to have its technology level vastly improved to live up to the standard of the "Shadow Years" of  Metamorphisis Alpha's time line thus enabling a game about what's happening back home! 
  2. Turn the movie's technology level down and add antique firearms plus space craft for that instant "Fire Fly" style location and feel 
  3. Shatter the dimensional barrier for another pocket dimensional location ala Empire of the Petal Throne or Torg. 
  4. Alternative Time Track or Add craft from Star Ships And Space Men for a location to escape from. 
In The Year 2889 Random Encounter Table 
  1. Cannibalistic Mutants 1d20 1st level fighters and regenerate as trolls.
  2.  Panicked Survivors looking for refuge and comfort. 
  3. Atomic Zombies  Horde 1d8  3 hit points each AC8 Bite or Claw 1d4 
  4. Mutated Survivors friendly and in need of help. 
  5. Mutant animal encounter - Mutant Coyote pack 1d10 3 hit dice each AC 7 Dam 1d8 
  6. More Panicked Survivors 1d4 Dazed and confused. 
  7. Another Cannibalistic mutant pack 
  8. Pack of survivors and explorers looking for other survivors. 2nd level fighters armed with firearms. 40% of chaotic type among them whose a 3rd level fighter. 
  9. Wild Rats of unusual size pack  1d20 4 hit dice each AC8 Dam 1d4 from bite or claw 
  10. Another Cannibalistic mutant pack of 1d20 plus ten #

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