Monday, March 18, 2013

1d10 Random Planar Demon Table Part II For Your Old School Space Opera


Beings from the vilest depths beyond human imagination and the pale of mankind. These inimical creatures are born in the cold depths of nameless Hells between the cold dead stars themselves to feast on the souls of mankind. 
These beings build temporary bodies for themselves from the dreams, passions, and left over nightmares of mankind lying around in the void between the dead stars of space. The tendrils, legs, and tentacles all await to tear the soul of fools and adventurers.

Type: Other
 Armor Class:-2 (21)

Hit Dice:12
Attacks: Tendril 3d6+Death
Saving Throw :3 
Special : Annihilate Non living Matter 
Move: 12 Ground/18 
Challenge level: 15/2,900
  1. Achurs-delab- The Wandering Navigator - This traveler of the dimensional wastes and hells of the Outer Darkness knows the deepest secrets of his brothers and sisters he will willingly share these rumors with his summoner for a price. 
  2. Ars-ysab - A prince of the Outer Darkness exiled from his private hell and with imparting the wisdom of the ages to psychics, wizards, and madmen for all eternity. The user gains 1d4 temporary points of wisdom and intelligence. There is also a 45% chance of the demon devouring the fool who summoned him. 
  3. At-ag - This monster tattles all about the ill fated expediations among the stars. He has been known to arrange accidents for those who summon him. This bastard knows all the locations of secret treasures within 1d8 light years of him. There is only a 30% chance of him revealing his secrets however. 
  4. Bolitl - Also known as the "Soul's Secret Terror" or "Unblessed Assassin", A demonic assassin of the worst stripe. A selective killer who only kills kings, monarchs, and tyrants. This demon collects secrets as some house wives collect sweet meats. He is willing to bargain for a high price. 
  5. Dacalar- This dead universe spawned nightmare of insanity and malevolence is the only remains of the evil that festered in the last cycle of the universe. The thing dwells in the Outer Darkness waiting to be summoned forth to do the will of the summoner. but it steals wisdom from the minded of the psychic who summoned it forth. Subtract 1d3 points each time it rumbles forth to do thy will.It is often used to to show forbidden secrets of lost universes and dimensions.  
  6. Dhauschoteic- This demon lord haunts the dreams of merchants and slavers. It is often called upon by corporations to reveal hidden profits and scandels. The demon lord trades the most dire of prophecies and the souls of entire companies. 
  7. Egat- This lord often haunts the angles of time and space picking of dimensional travelers and time travelers. The thing eats 1d20 years off of a peron's life and watches it prey from hyperspace. Even among planar demons it is not widely liked or regarded. 
  8. G'caglot- This crazed demonic prince trades in the dreams of the mad and insane but are these demons his own or the dreams of others. He must be paid the soul of a madman in exchange for 1d8 dreams and horrid fantasies. 
  9. Ggloilac- This demon often shows the way to hell blasted planetary landscapes and the forbidden treasures of lost races and times. He will suck 1d4 points of constitution in exchange for drawing a navigational chart in his own blood, urine, and ichor. 
  10. Hol'thagor- "The Wayfarer's Child" often is the bane of parents everywhere. The thing haunts the shadows of children and listens to the secrets of their parents. This information is given to its summoner in exchange for the tears of the dead. The beast's spy network is second to none and it whispers forbidden secrets and temporary spells into its summoner's ears. Each day 1d4 spells will be available to the summoner. Especially a version of "Wizard's eye" but the user will not be the only one watching. 
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