Saturday, March 16, 2013

Five Minor Tech Level Five Psychic Artifacts For Stars Without Number

 Five Minor Tech Level Five Psychic Artifacts
  1. Crystal Goddess of the Inbetweener - This statue is a representation of the inner goddess of the unconscious all.It's cut crystal matrix of spun non time has been created by lost technologies from beyond our time and space. Once thought of as mere curiosities these statues allow a psychic to channel the energies of many lost universes to view distant alternative dimensions nearby. A psychic can 40% of the time peer into the various nearby dimensions for 1d4 rounds as long as they hold the goddess. For every 5 times the statue is used the user will feel fatigued and drained. They must make a saving throw or be unable to use any abilities for that day. These statues sell in the thousands of credits in the auctions of collectors. 
  2. Hand Chains of Zall - These delicately made chained, jeweled bracelets are of an alien manufacture and are laced with psychic jewels of the rarest qualities. They allow a psychic to summon a hand of ecoplasm of strength equal to the psychics. The hand can be used as a normal hand within line of sight. It may act as an extra hand for the character. The hand will perform all psychical acts that a normal health hand and arm can. Should the hand be destroyed or injured the user will take 1d3 points of damage. There is a 20% chance of shattering on of the psychic crystals. 
  3. The Flow Tears of Joy - These psychic nano structures take the form of a mobile jelly. They act as a 4 hit dice monster unless a psychic is near by. The tears will then head for them and engulf them at all costs. The psychic is bombarded by telepathic images of all other previous owners of the tears memories. The user will be stunned for 1d4 rounds.
    The tears will allow a psychic to have perfect recall  memory, the ability to track any PC nearby telepathically, and the ability to pull from the experiences and memory pools of all other owners. This will give the user 1d4 temporary skills equal to the owner's current level.
    The user must divest themselves of the Tears within 1d6 months or there is a 60% chance of going insane or being overwhelmed by the memories,lives,loves,and loses of the previous owners. 
  4. The Black Ball of Ka - This baseball sized object is actually a finely created cross section of an event horizon in the form of a ball. The alien technology to create these objects are lost to the universe. The ball however creates a star map of every white hole with the mind of the user within a 13 parsec area. The user also gains 1d4 temporary points of intelligence as the artifact expands the mind of the user in order to use this 4th technological index artifact. The user also gains ultra vision and may gain a further mutation within 1d4 months after beginning to use this artifact as the vast cosmic energies coursing through the ball alter the structure of the character. 
  5. The Soul Crystal Mask of Synn - This mask is the sum total life energies crystallized and spun through a life creation dimensional vortex. The mask is a very nasty artifact and creates artificial psychic Hells for those trapped within its multifaceted cells.
    The mask allows one, 1d4 random addition powers and once per day he may reshape a small portion of reality around him. The change isn't permanent as the universal energies re align the local space time continuum. The change creates a small one person time space gate with a 12 meter range. The user pulls from the souls of those trapped within the mask.
    The user gains the ability to peer into nearby dimensions as well. The object is of course priceless. There is a 10% chance  each month of the mask trying to devour the soul of the current user.  The user must save vs death each month or else they may become a part of the mask's collection of souls. 

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