Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Observer Guardian Matrices For Your Old School Space Opera


Observer Guardian Matrices
Armor Class: 5 (15) 
Hit Dice 4+1
Attacks: Tendrils and Claw 1d6+3 
Special: Immune To Mind Control Effects 
Move: 9 
HDE/X: 4/120


These small 2 foot tall statues are actually small bio stasis statues of alien monsters created through super science. They have advanced optics and sensors built right into their macro eye sockets and spring to life at a moment's notice.
Observer Guardian Matrices animate as 9 foot tall hulks of destruction and lash their prey with 
Tendrils and Claw 1d6+3 and cause untold havoc.
These monsters can follow simple orders, guard areas for two hundred or more years and are actually advanced bio mechanisms rather then organic life forms.
The secret to their creation has out lasted their alien creators however and for over 30,000 years these monsters have been used as vicious weapons of assassination and destruction.

A combination of super science, psionics, and sorcery is used to draw the life force that animates these creations. The summoner opens a micro dimensional portal into the Outer Darkness and draws the souless energy into the prepared form.
The form costs over 6,000 credits to make by a skilled robotics expert. The thing animates and a Wisdom roll must be made to successfully cause the mechanism to go into stasis. Should this roll fail. Roll below on 
1d6 Table 
Observer Guardian Matrix Disaster Table 

  1. The monster is out of control and must be put down. Start again oh vile villain! 
  2. The monster pretends to follow your orders but is actually plotting your murder in 1d6 days. 
  3. The thing lashes out at you with  Tendrils and Claw 1d6+3 per round. 
  4. You have summoned the spirit of an elder scorcerer of level 6 or greater. It will now attack with all the spells at its command! 
  5. It calmly regards you with cold inhuman eyes and wishes to make an "arrangement" of murder and mayhem. 
  6. The thing will follow most of your orders grudgingly but with an eye toward murdering you in your sleep. 

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