Thursday, March 21, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness - International Trailer (HD)

 Well now this is interesting we've got the basic plot outline and lots of action. There's more devergence from the original timeline as events start to take shape. Does this look gamable as a setting? 
Perhaps but I'm reminded of the DM's movie goer's golden rule, " If they can do it then my players and I can do it!" which is proceeded by the fold, spindle, and mutilate rule. 
This could be played with any number of Star Trek retroclones out there. The fact is that WizBros are coming out with a tactical collectible game according to my sources. So there will be plenty of Star Trek bang on the market. 
In my campaigns a variation of the Star Trek universe is old news and ancient history. The ships are still plying the space ways and the designs are tried and true. But the Spike drive with its multi dimensional aspects has made things very dangerous with hyperspace taking a much greater center stage.
 Will I see this? Definitely but will it have an impact on my campaigns and the Talon systems?
Not likely at all. 

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