Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hulks & Horrors Available For Free For A Limited Time!

 You all know that Bill over at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild is one of the nicest guys on planet Earth right!  Well he's brought one very sweet game to my attention. After the failed Kickstarter last year of  Hulks And Horrors the game has surfaced on Drivethrurpg as a free download.
With so many science fantasy chooses on the market why pick this one? 
We are not alone in the Universe, but we have few friends. As we emerged on the galactic stage, we found a universe stripped bare of sentient life by a great Plague, leaving only the wild beasts and twisted plague horrors wandering the ruined hulks of lost civilizations.
We are the Surveyors. We explore the uncharted sectors of space and hunt these ruins for the treasures they contain and the riches they might bring to what sentient life remains. We are not brave, merely foolhardy and desperate. Those who survive become rich beyond dreams. Very few survive. Hulks & Horrors is a science-fiction roleplaying game of galactic exploration and adventure for 2 or more players ages 13 and up. Inside you will find:
• Complete rules for characters up to Level 6 and beyond
• 7 character classes: Pilot, Scientist, Soldier, Psyker, Hovering Squid, Omega Reticulan, and Bearman.
• Easy to learn old-school inspired game rules and combat system
• Weapons, armor, and equipment inspired by classic science-fiction
• Spaceship construction and combat rules
• Random tables for creating whole sectors of space
• Loot generation rules
• Dozens of alien monsters as well as guides for designing your own
• Dungeon-mastering advice for sandbox space exploration
• Optional rules for customizing Hulks & Horrors

Visit Bill's page and follow his link to get a free copy of this 156 page behemoth!
Better yet buy a $10.00 hard copy and get into the deep end of the H&H universe.
 Expect a review soon.
 Tell Bill, Needles sent ya. 


  1. One of the nicest guys!? WOW, thanks Needles!
    : )

  2. Your welcome! Thanks for all the help the past year. All my best Bill.

  3. Thanks for all of your inspiring posts!


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