Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Quick Review of Continuum - The Star Wars Phenomenon From The Inside By Tim Dry

Photo: In order to promote my new ebook 'Continuum' I have bought my own Tube station!

Non gaming review ahead. Conituum is an inside look into the background journey of one performer's look into the Star Wars saga from the inside out.
I was looking for something funny and interesting.  This book was it. Take a look at the trailer. 

The book is a good solid read with lots of humor and insight into not only Tim's work on Return of The Jedi but also life as a performer. The book is very insightful into the world of the "Man Inside The Suit". It casts a rather interesting number of observations about Star Wars fandom and conventions. I've always been fascinated by conventions ever since I started reading Fango and this book takes you deep into that world with a sense of style and humor.

 Tim weaves his tale as a storyteller and observer from the inside out and does it with the gusto and style of a natural born storyteller.  You will marvel at Tim's attempt to introduce a fresh faced Mark Hammel to the slightly darker side of London night life and some very interesting observations of his tour with Duran Duran. This is only a small part of the tales that Mr.Dry weaves in this book.
 The book is a great read and the writer makes the subject matter breezy, humorous, fascinating, interesting, and downright funny.
I thoughly enjoyed the book on many levels. As a fan its really wild to see these movies from within, as a reader the writer keeps you wanting to read more, and there are some real laugh out loud moments.
 Very fun read and one that I highly recommend. 

You can get the kindle version of the book right through Amazon UK right HERE
To find out more about Mr.Dry you can visit his page right HERE
Continuum also has its own Facebook Page right HERE

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