Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ten Ancient Wisdom And Secret Sects For Your Old School Space Opera

  1. The Argotur -  A brotherhood of intergalactic adventurers and thieves who oppose the rich and elite. This group has ties to every major human and post human world. They pay 40% mark up on certain alien artifacts and have ties to the most powerful of banking cartels. There have been charges of demonic/forbidden god worshiping. The charges are only rumors. They may help certain PCs out or act as patrons but will only accept those of tenth level or higher into their ranks
  2. Bangorg or Preservers of The Devine Geometer - This secet is interested in maintaining the universal balance of good or evil. They help both sides and cause more chaos then anything else. The Bangorg are identified by their signet rings. They act on both sides of the law and deal with evil on their terms. A very mysterious group of adventurers and spacers if there ever was one. 
  3. Etuli- The Three Philosphers  - This group encourages intellectual growth wherever it needs to nurtured. They create apprentices  overseers, and elders of the ages. The sect works from within governments to create and further its own agenda. No one is quite sure what type of "intellectual growth" that it might be creating. They have been a patron to adventurers for centuries
  4. Gororngi- "The Tree of the Illuminated" - This sect creates and nurtures colonies across the cosmos enabling its colonists to dream of a better tomorrow. Those dreams are recorded on "psy holographic interface" and sold for thousands of credits. The colonists are slowly trained in the ways of the psychic should they show the temperament and sent out into the cosmos. They nurture the "Tree of Knowledge among mankind and post mankind.  
  5. Kobanarona- The Pruners - This sect deals with the roots of evil found among the "Tree of Life" . Its members are all adventurers who have tired of not having a cause to believe in and travel the stars setting things right again. The "pruners" are also a traveler's society helping travelers and pilgrims among the stars. They have a banking system and guild second to none among the stars. 
  6. Uglath- An order of worshipers of stars who have mutated themselves with rare herbs which react to stellar energy. These mutants are able to heal, create energy, and are considered by many to be demigods. There have been several scandels associated with this sect. They support certain groups of adventurers who further there agenda. 
  7. Uingbeturill- "The Heads of Fertility" -This sect spreads life giving nanites to its members in order to help "heal" the cosmos of the imperfects of non-life. Killing one of its members has been known to spread the "Uingbeturill" a cloud of nanite death across the face of a planet.  These sect is both reviled and held in esteem by certain galactic forces. They hire adventurers to help them find certain types of alien artifacts. 
  8. Unangw - The Fallen Chemists - These monsters travel the galactic space ways spreading plagues, mutation, and horror in their wake in order to advance mankind along a path of glorious destruction and final evolutionary perfection. They kill millions in order achieve their goal. They have the "death and disembody" mark within seventy worlds. 
  9. Vaurith - The Wanderlust - A travelers society that will help anyone they find with food, water, and all the essentials as long as the "saved" swears to give up procreation in all its forms and gives in to genetic castration on the mocular level.  Found in every galactic shelter they can find. They hand out pamphlets and holograms. 
  10. Welrorntha- "Those who Worship The Serpent"  A group of like minded adventurers who roam the universe creating a path of supreme power wherever they go. They are the patrons of civilization  and power. This group has been known to help smaller groups in need with patronage and knowledge. Their price is eternal promises of power and membership. This sect has been involved in several galactic upheavals and scandals  They pay very well for certain alien artifacts however. They have also been the money behind several failed expeditions into the outer voids. 

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