Sunday, March 31, 2013

Free Tower Of The Elephant Adventure From Footprints #13

The Tower of the Elephant Old School Adventure appeared in the  Dragon Foot site Free E magazine Foot Prints. Footprints was/is an excellent resource for old school gaming.
This issue appealed to me because of the Howard inspired short adventure. The adventure is excellent and very concise having been written By Thulsa ( Who knows all things Conan related and this adventure is no exception.
If your unfamiliar with The Tower of the Elephant then please don't read any further and go to Wiki for a super condensed version of Robert E. Howard's short story of the same name The_Tower_of_the_Elephant
I was able to get in a bit of Easter Holiday gaming action with friends. 
I ran three players through the Footprints Adventure using Labyrinth Lord Advanced. Using two thieves and a barbarian. The results were not pretty to say the least. Its not that the adventure is a killer. Far from it. The adventure is tightly written and expands on the original story in several directions. 
The Dice were simply against the players and the tigers were apparently hungry.
Bell God of Thieves received  Flex the Thrice Blessed at 7:00 pm this evening and his brother Thom soon after. Ancor The Brave managed to penetrate the mysteries of the tower and escaped 
intact but will never reveal the damned places secrets.
You can download the adventure and magazine right over HERE

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