Sunday, March 3, 2013

100 Places To Stumble Upon In The Post Apocalyptic-Age Review

Dave Woodrum of Fishwife Games has been cranking out more old school gaming goodness then lots of other small RpgNow retailers. This is a very small cross section of places  to use in a post apocalyptic setting. 
100 Places To Stumble Upon In The Post-Apocalyptic Age
Want to sprinkle a few locations of interest on that barren, post apocalypse wasteland? At a loss at the moment for ideas? Just roll the percentile dice and consult the chart below. Most places have immediate, obvious use while the potential of others may require a bit of further investigation and creative imagination.

Sample Rolls Include:
01- Airport
15- Brickyard
30- Courthouse
45- Gas Station
60- Lumber Yard
75- Power Plant
90- Tattoo Parlor
00- Wealthy Mansion
Author: Dave Woodrum
Page Count: 1 page.

For A dollar you get a ton of places that can appear in just about any POA setting. There is some detail but this is pretty much a blanket product for a DM to fill in very quick details. The price point is very nice for those of us strapped for cash. 
Simply download, grab some friends, fill in some details,  roll your PCs, and go. 
This is a nice product to fill in some fast details and get the ball rolling. 
Its a very quick product for even the middle of a game when PC's are in the middle of the wasteland and you need to fill in background. 
All in all its a very well put together list. 
Four stars and just last night I used this product to really put a spin on a Carcosa one shot that really confused the hell out of some players when a Gas station appeared in the middle of an alien jungle. 
You can get your copy of 

100 Places To Stumble Upon In The Post Apocalyptic-Age
Right over HERE


  1. Wow. Fishwife Games has a TON of post-apoc supplements. I need to get a summary up over at TSAW as well as updating the Master List ar GG. Great find!

  2. I'm glad you like their Tim! Here's my comment on Facebook concerning you and the Savage Afterworld.
    "Tim Snider is a friend of mine and his choose in post apocalyptic goodness is second to none. He's got a larger audience then I have because he's been at the blogging game much,much, longer then myself. Your company deserves that audience.
    The books are great and you need as wide a range of folks seeing your work as possible. Glad I could help my friend."
    I've got more coming up soon Tim and you've helped me more times then I can count at the gaming table then you know.

  3. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction, Needles!

  4. Your welcome Justin! We've got more stuff coming up! Fishwife is a great company and its owner is an old school gamer of the best stripe. They're knowledgeable, friendly, and quick with answers.


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