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1d10 Random Technological Super Science Artifacts of Law Table - The Eggs For Your Old School Space Opera And Science Fantasy Campaigns

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All eggs come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from those of chicken egg to the largest the size of a small bus. The outer skin of these devices is actually "Molecular  Law". The material is the cast off skin and remains of the Lords of Stability gathered by their followers and spun by super science and sorcery into a stable, ultra dense, and "perfect material".
 The Internal Mechanisms are created through the most cunning technological processes and require 5,000 credits to gather the rare Interstellar materials. Or 10,000 gold pieces of "magical" assistance from the planes of Law. 
The work takes 1d300 days at least to fashion the mechanism and can not done outside the bounds of a "Pattern of Law".
The pattern requires that the user commit one temporary wisdom and one temporary intelligence point in its construction. These can be recovered if the powers of Law see fit to grant them. The size of the pattern varies according to artifact being created. 
Each artifact is not delicate at all and will last for thousands of years. One a rare blue green laser has a 10% chance of cracking the shell of an egg. The resulting explosion does 1d10 points of damage to everything within a 30 yard range.
Each egg will have between  one and 1d30 charges when found. 
Each egg is named after the wizard or explorer who found it. 

1d10 Random Technological Super Science Artifacts of Law Table 
  1. Azure Green Egg of Falnaurus The Wizard - This egg is the size of a chicken egg and allows the wizard or user to see any planar instabilities, cracks in the local space time continuum, and to open such in a 20 by 20 foot radius.
    The device will make any planar creatures slightly out of phase visible and the green ray will act as a hold person spell on any planar creatures present. There is no guarantee that the effects of the egg will last more then 1d4 rounds. 
  2. The Black Egg Of Kruitili The Mad - This baseball sized egg acts as a symbol of insanity to all who sees it. The vast infinite planes of Law and all of its alternatives are shown and the madding possibilities of universes. This egg will effect everyone within a 40 yard radius. The egg also can act as a device of turning upon any creature of Chaos. It shows them their eternal fate under the yoke of Chaos.
  3. The Excellent Mechanism Egg of Yort - This Egg has many technical glyphs across its surface and a wide variety of technological devices will appear across its surface. These will dimension door in as needed. The egg will add in the repair of any technological device. +3 to repair  all super science devices as well as ancient artifacts. Should the egg be used to try to repair any device of Chaos it will explode for 1d6 points in a shower of tools and metal. 
  4. The Egg of Time - This egg will freeze time once per day. The user and party however is visible to all chronological monsters however. The device will also point out any time travelers within a 20 yard radius. 
  5. Egg of Falsutrthus The Dead - This egg is used in the identification, eradication  and purging of undead.
    The egg has over three hundred nano probes that will help in the preservation of any corpse. They will embalm the corpses with little or no fuss.
    The egg can cast a light spell once per day that is painful to any undead within a 20 foot radius. The egg shine a "Ray of Law" doing 1d6 point  per round to any undead present. This will last for ten rounds. The egg will finally shoot a powerful bio acid at any undead present for 1d10 points of damage. 
  6. The Egg Chamber Of Thom - This bus sized green blue egg of Law will revive one newly dead person placed within as a resurrection spell. The person will be come a strict follower of Law. Any follower of Chaos placed within is vaporized within 1d4 rounds completely. 
  7. The Egg of Sameness - This egg's ray will remove any creative impulse from target within a 10  yard radius. The person is subject to depression, apathy, and eventual suicide. These effects may be removed by prayers to the gods of Law. 
  8. The Egg of Thal - This egg of deepest purple allows the user to cast a charm spell on a 200 plus crowd of sentients and register all emotions present telepathically. The effects last for 1d10 days after which the crowd will become murderous to the user and try to kill him at every opportunity. 
  9. The egg of Frurths Fingers The Wise - This egg whips out a variety of lock picks and allows one to act as a thief by passing locks with little problem. +4 to all lock picking attempts.
    The egg also produces a sonic effect as per screw driver allowing one to unhinge locks, by pass mechanisms, and fix simple mechanisms. The effect has a five foot range. 
  10. the Egg of Infinity - This egg opens a direct dimensional doorway to the realms of the gods of Law. 


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