Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Highwaymen - Into The Chasm Deeper And Deeper - Stars Without Number - Actual Play

 The crew are in for a rough ride as they dive into the deep end of the Chasm. There is nothing in this region of space (yeah right) and lots of wreckage. The Viking clans provided holo maps and lots of information about some of the monstrous life forms that inhabit the Black. 

The way that the Chasm works is like this: You have engage the spike drive get your bearings and then re engage again. To make a crossing the crew enters hyper sleep and then make the long jumps through hyper dimensional reality. Things can get really dicey there and the transition back to the local space time is very dangerous. 

Finally there is the possibility of deep Chasm raiders or pirates who use the expanse of Black as a sort of hideout to raid or short cut.
The next game or two is critical and you can bet that there is going to be a minor mega dungeon encounter.

A List of Resources For This Evening's Game 
Space Viking HERE
Spell Jammer and original monsters brought over to SWN 
The List of Lost Space Cargoes  pdf from Exonaughts blog  right over


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