Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Return of the Justice Machine Kick Starter

Mark Ellis is trying to bring back the Machine! Throughout the 80's the Justice Machine was my go to supers team. They were and remain some of my favorite characters. 

For myself the team was a great escape from the weird little details of life and chance to plunge head first into the world of Georwell. The comic brought some very interesting ideas to the super hero table of comics. 

The team holds a place of significance in comics' history —they are the first super-hero group produced by an independent publisher.
The Justice Machine series told of the adventures and tragedies that befell the six super-powered members of a law enforcement agency from the planet Georwell, an alternate Earth. When they were branded as traitors, they fled to Earth through an inter dimensional lock and found themselves cast in the roles of reluctant heroes.

The first series lasted only six issues, but such luminaries as John Byrne, Bill Willingham, Mike Grell, Joe Rubinstein, and even Jack Kirby made artistic contributions to it.
At the time the machine broke new ground and made me think about some of the themes echoing through the book. It was different then other books of the time. 
Later this little sourcebook appeared and I snatched up. 
 The Machine reappeared in The Justice Machine Source Book for the Heroes Unlimited role-playing game, making them the first comic book super-team to cross over into the growing game market.

I created my own supers team and my players entered the world of Earth from Georwell to go after the machine. They never encountered them. They're still sitting in a file someplace. Waiting to be unleashed, again. 
Now Mark Ellis of Outlanders fame has a Kickstarter going and he's brought the awesome. 

I’ve taken the attitude that the return of the Justice Machine is tantamount to a situation where the Fantastic Four had disappeared for years…not just in comic book years but in real-time years, as well. Then suddenly–BOOM!–they’re back, and not only are they struggling to come to terms with a new world in crisis, but the world is also struggling to come to terms with them. 
The plot is definitely connected to the Machine’s origins, but it also provides a fresh start for the team. I can confidently say that The Justice Machine: Object of Power is tough, mature and action-packed.
 The beautiful cover painted by the brilliant Jeff Slemons perfectly captures the tone, as well as being an homage to the iconic John Byrne cover from the first issue in 1981. 

Anyhow I thought you folks might be interested. Please contribute and I'm kinda excited to see this happen. Go check it out right HERE


  1. I never have been able to find a copy of the Heroes Unlimited version of Justice Machine. Is it any good?

  2. I'll have a review coming up in a day or so. I just started reading it again today after going through Hulks and Horrors. So it looks like a I've got a busy week coming up as well. Thanks for the comment my friend. More coming up. Keep on blogging and I'll catch you on the flip side tomorrow.

  3. Definately looking forward to your review. I've still got most of my Heroes Unlimited/After the Bomb collection.


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