Monday, March 18, 2013

Saturninan Amoeba Men Mercenaries For Stars Without Number

Saturninan Amoeba Men Mercenaries
 These humanoid macro organisms are absorbing menace from beyond the rim of space. Their lust for conquest and aggression has no bounds. Saturninan Amoeba Men sell their metaphysical existence to the Outer Gods in return for forbidden knowledge and the right of conquest.
These monstrous obscene collections of protoplasmic goo are actually complex humanoid organisms that are held together by a trick of physics and sheer telekinetic might.
They stand over 10 foot tall but the size can vary dramatically. They can survive the cold vacuum of space unaided and change their size and shape at will, allowing them to fit through small cracks.

The monsters are semi transparent and a variety of complex macro cells float within their bulk. Some of these include their dread bio acid producing cells. To look upon them too long tends to hurt human and near human eyes. 

They have a tendency to prefer heavy gravity worlds although Earth like environments cause them no discomfort at all.
They may psionically shift their density and skin surface with little problem allowing them to survive for brief periods within the vacuum of space.
The Saturninan Amoeba Men have been working with many despicable alien races for centuries. They often employ unorthodox tactics and warfare upon prey races. In the past they have worked with the Mi Go, Primordial Ones, and the Great Race. Their pay has been the right of consuming their conquest species. 
Amoeba men have a tendency to use brutal biological and environmental warfare against other planets.
The race is said to have arisen from the ashes of the Great Old Ones and risen to serve the Outer Gods with great fervor.
Their technology is similar to the tech possessed by Earth at this time including laser weapons and spaceships. They are mostly a tech level 4 society with some items of technology level five given to them by Nyarlathotep. 

Surprisingly cheerful and good natured for a species that worships some of the most vile beings in existence. They loath waste and sloth in any venture. They will work for others as long as their "right of prey" is respected.
 The Amoeba Men fear fire above all and the discharge of energy weapons upon their cell walls causes explosive results. Those using such tactics with them are given no quarter in battle.

Abilities Amoeba Men had several unique powers thanks to their physiology. These included the ability to survive unaided in a vacuum, shape-shifting, mass manipulation, telepathy level one , being unaffected by physical blows, and the ability to swallow and digest prey with their acidic bodies this does 1d4 points of damage per round. 
Fire does +2 damage per round to these creatures. Energy weapons do +3 damage on every attack .  The species can bud and regenerate again however within 1d10 rounds. This is also an effective form of reproduction for the species. 

Saturninan Amoeba Men Mercenaries 
AC: 7 
Hit Dice:2 
Attack Bonus: +1 
Damage: Laser Weapon 1d10
Skill bonus : +2 
No appearing 1-8 
Move 30' 
Morale 9 except when damaged by fire. 
Lenses : Domination, Faith, Gluttony
Leadership: Oligarchic 


  1. Mercenary blob-people...I like it!

  2. Glad you like it. errm them or they. Glad you like the entry we're dividing real soon again.


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