Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DeWalt Assault Nail Gun For Your Mutant Future Game

Created by the Ancients during the Shadow Years after the Second Short Atomic Wars. The Dewalt Assault Nail Gun is a remarkable piece of technological innovation with the hallmarks of superior manufacturing and innovation.
The perfect weapon/tool for building a wooden structure or slaying un dead. The weapon is the signature weapon of the so called "Handymen" Alliance out of New Detroit. Each weapon is lovingly hand assembled from only the finest DeWalt stock available. 
Fits all standard nails available from the ruins of any Home Creepo store or Loews Hardware.
Capable of single shot or fully auto this weapon is amazingly accurate and will fit many of the ancient standard scopes including the Starlight or better.
Weapon : 
DeWalt Assault Nail Gun 
Damage 1d6 /1d10 depending on nail type 
Trigger Type : Automatic 
Normal/Maximum Range :
400 Ft/800 Ft 
8 pounds 

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  1. Nawww. This is a photo shopped gun my friend."ITS FAKE." Someone sent this via email and I gave it some stats for a Mutant Future game coming up.
    Thanks for the comment though and we've got more mutant craziness coming up.


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