Friday, September 14, 2012

The Highway Men Episode 8 - Into The Void - Actual Play Part II

The PCs are trapped aboard this Ptolemy class ship that has been refitted with an M5 computer & Interrictor bound for parts unknown but that's not all.
Last night they faced down strange androids & positronic life forms aboard the ship as the ship jumped to warp!
Warp 1 ~ They're racing through the void & The PC try to play chess with the computer by running a bypass through engineering. No dice the computer system begins rerouting systems.

Warp 2 ~  They begin to gain control of security & things get more interesting as the computer system sends androids out to deal with certain security issues that the PCs are creating!

Warp 3 ~ The PCs begin to isolate systems from the computer. The M5 unit counters by opening the air locks on the levels below the PCs & creating androids from medical. The PCs encounter the first of the androids & melee ensues..

Warp 4 ~ The PCs have found the Apex Medical symbols that are on some of the uniforms of the androids & haven't reached the bridge. One dons a Psych mech armor & is going to go up to the bridge where the M5 is waiting.
The M5 unit is controlled by an old foe of the PCs an A.I. program called Legion.. They've face it before.
The  program actually set up everything to capture the PCs & return them too... 

Appex medical spend a lot of credits creating the PCs & doesn't want to lose any. But where are they being taken & what does this have to do with the recent 46 Anniversary game that I ran recently?

What does this piece of  alien technology have to do with the PCs?

Where does the DELOS corporation coming to this equation? Only time will tell ! Tune in next week as the PCs date with destiny continues as they race Into The Void !

Random Star Ship Encounters  1d10 
  1. Flicking lights and the half formed mechanical man's torso crawls towards you from down a hallway 
  2. A thing with a half finished face walks towards you carrying a laser pistol & wearing a star fleet uniform 
  3. A lone tricorder beeps to itself.. Mournfully in the hallway 
  4. 1d4 random security robots bursts through a door.
  5. Something weird is seen flicking just off to your left. A man in a space suit appears momentarily & disappears 
  6. A medical robot is ready for your operation.. Now! He will gas the PCs if they approach to close! Roll   here for combat 
  7. 1d6 soldier bots are coming!
  8. 1d8 androids in red shirt security uniforms are moving down the hallway checking rooms as they go 
  9. A beautiful girl in a very skimpy outfit is walking down the hallway. She is a 3rd level expert & an android . She will try to seduce & kill any male or female PCs she meets 
  10. A flying beholder like creature moves through the hall way. AC 6  Hit points 7  1d4 random energy weapons.. Cyborg monster


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