Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1d30 Mysterious Mechanical Monstrosities For Menacing Your Old School Space Opera

1d30 Mysterious Mechanical Monstrosities For Menacing Your  Old School Space Opera

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  1. A clock work sphere with alien glyphs stops time for 1d10 rounds & whispers a doom to a PC
  2. 1d3 Metallic canisters with alien electronics inside  handing them will cause 1d4 points of electrical damage 
  3. A set of two 10 foot tall crystal pylons capable of creating a dimensional gate 3 times a day 
  4. 1d6 monsters frozen in carbonite walls with the mechanisms working but they may fail within 1d4 rounds 
  5. A chest filled with an alchemist's machinery for storing odd chemicals 1d8 damage from explosion & unsettling results will occur 
  6. An alien communication device to commune with the dead 3d6 times per day. No control over which dead seek to communicate with the living. 
  7. Wreckage of alien flying machine with 1d4 corpses..
  8. 1d4 energy weapons cracked & broken two are salvageable. One may have a leaky fuel cell within. 
  9. Collapsible dimensional gate way & cube of force combo. Throws random gates within a 40 yard direction when activated 
  10. A wrist rocket unit with the wrist still attached. 1d4 damage 50 yard range.. 4 rockets 
  11. Alien surveillance gear 12 pieces, with contact poison on some of the dials 
  12. A Fully automated chess playing machine in the form of a humanoid in Eastern garb. Each move on the board will create a random disaster within 100 miles of the activator. There will be 1d4 major events resulting 
  13. Antigravity orb operationally & fully functional 4 hit points & 1d4 random energy weapons 
  14. Alien robot 1d8 appendages metallic humanoid capable of creating an anti magic shield as the spell 1d3 times a day 
  15. 1d6 random lenses part of a strange machine capable of showing nearby dimensions. There is a 40% of 1d6 alien parasites waiting nearby 
  16. Giant Energy cannon capable of 1d10 X100 damage with 49 different dials that must be turned in the correct sequence to activate. The operator had the correct number of appendages 
  17. Mechanical baboon combat robot 4 hit points 1d4 bite & 1d3 claw attack. Will turn on owner if not given oil baths every 5 days of operation 
  18. Alien projectile weapon with Type 2 demon possessing it. Very angry & trapped within for a round unless handled. Will attempt possession 
  19. 1d4 alien robotic mines with inferiority complexes,1d8 damage, very sensitive 
  20. Fusion pile generator 1d10 charges 40% of critical explosion 1d10 damage. Mostly in working order 
  21. Alien engineer droid 1d8 star ship types stored within memory. Slight attitude problem. Bad motivator unit 
  22. 1d6 alien blades within chest. Mostly plastic blades, damage as per sword. There's a monocular sword in the pile however. Needs fuel rod. 
  23. 1d4 random pieces of wreckage 20% chance of radiation leak in fuel pod. There 1d3 random star ships parts available. One A.I. that can be salvaged. Will try to take over ship & kill crew however. 
  24. Ruined mech with 1d4 salvageable weapons & zombie pilot 2 hit points ready to attack. Now! 
  25. Weird half organic half machine power suit. Fully operational but cursed! 
  26. Half buried star sail ship in rough shape but with a fully knowledgeable A.I. aboard goes by the name Ishmael 
  27. 1d8 ruined, hooked chains attached to glowing machinery. 1d4 damage from various hooks 
  28. 1d4 wind up alien toys or religious figures. One will resemble a PC powers vary up to DM 
  29. Space Time Drive half organic 1d4 charges & self aware. Cranky & cantankerous attitude 
  30. A phone booth time machine registered to someone called Rufus. Very rough shape but workable.  1d8 charges. Dimensional door abilities & gets slightly smaller after each use. 


  1. Another great table - it's inspirational, could be very useful and looks like good fun. I can't spot all the references, but it's clear again you really know your stuff.

  2. Thanks Porky I aim to please. Some of the references are pretty obscure but that's half the fun

  3. I love it! I'm going to stock my next mysterious tower with it.

  4. Thanks very much everyone more to come in the morning


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