Monday, September 3, 2012

Scott Ridley's Loom 4k & Stars Without Number

This is a film by Luke Scott the son of  director Ridley Scott & it came out a couple days back. This is a 26 minute short set in a world very much like Bladerunner. So already its near & dear to my heart. I've got a friend names James K from whom I've stolen several ideas shamelessly.
One of his big ideas is that the movies Outland, The Alien Franchise, Bladerunner,  Hardware, & Prometheus  all exist within the same continuum as Fire Fly  TV show & the movie Serenity. I'm not going to argue with it at all. In point of fact I've adopted it & expanded it to include West World & several others including Space 1999.
These all get shoved into my Talon Sector Stars Without Number game.

So why Space 1999 besides the great 70s aesthetic?

The idea of the shared universe isn't a new one but it offers me as a DM some tools for my old school toolbox. The idea enables me to pull all sorts of things from my toybox to throw at my PCs. Something that I strive to do to keep things fun & interesting.
The Dragon is perhaps one of the most iconic monsters of the Space 1999 series & one of my favors. The thing scared the living daylights out of when I was a kid! The Dragon also appears in Arduin complete with stats that are easily convertible to SWN

Scott Ridley's film could easily become a part of this timeline & since I think the thing is well done it will.
Your mileage may vary 


  1. Many thanks to directing me to this 'Loom' short; I'd not the faintest clue to its existence. And it was a good watch.

    Pardon my asking, but why include Hardware in that list of cross-overs? It's been many years since I'd last seen it, and the work didn't particularly seem to resonate with the others. Maybe I'm wrong. It was a good film however, so "why not?".

    What were the stats for that monster?

  2. Thanks Joshua for the comment. Glad you enjoyed Loom.
    Why include Hardware on the list of crossovers because its got a great post apocalyptic beat to it. Since I'm using the Stars Without Number system lately & its got the whole "fallen interstellar empire thing " going it seemed like a natural fit. Also because of the original Blade Runner book by Philip K Dick which held a fallen world simply over run with stuff & the vibe that also rides through Hardware. This huge post industrial wasteland world both have a strange grind house appeal in the back of my mind.
    Why no Loom 4K creature stats? Well I didn't want to spoil it for the viewers.. I get some up for you in the morning. :-)
    Thanks for the well thought out comments.. There's more coming up tomorrow.

    1. Had to watch over Hardware yesterday, and now that I've a fresh view of the world, I'll say it's a much better fit. Seems I had forgotten a lot of the world beyond the girl's apartment.

      Actually, I meant the dragon's stats from Arduin. I don't have any of the material.

  3. Well Joshua the Star Monster is my take on another of the beasties. I've riffed off of the Dragon from Space 1999 & this should be pretty good substitute for a Mutant Future style of game. The stats should easily convert to your favorite science fantasy game. Enjoy


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