Saturday, September 15, 2012

28mm Demons & Devils Mini's Kickstarter


 I know that I'm late to the show on this one but man this is another old school monster or monsters that near & dear to my head thrashing metal heart. I've seen the quality of Center stages stuff about a year ago. If this is anything like the Reaper kickstarter then they've got a wild one by the tail. According to the Kickstart
"Center Stage Miniatures has been producing high-quality 25 and 28mm miniatures for use in fantasy role-playing games since 2009. With over 40 figures available in our Advanced Fantasy Miniatures range and the recent acquisition of the Julie Guthrie Fantasy Personalities range (196 figures), we've been growing in leaps and bounds thanks to you, our customers."

Here's what's got me excited the Horned Devil & the Ice Devil. Classic lines, great old school styling.. CSM-014 - Horned Devil, By Federico Genovese

Jump on this one folks because this is going to fill up fast! According to Center Stage :
I'm extremely excited about this range, because not only are these figures usable with any role-playing game or system out there, but the majority of these figures have their basis in literature or history. Whether it's a name, layer of the underworld, or specific demon or devil, all at some point got their start in history, myth or legend.*

Lets just face facts Demons & Devils are near & dear to every AD&D old school gamer's & DM's hearts. These things are iconic & partially responsible for some many religious nut panics with the hobby. So backing these is a natural progression.. You can find out more right over here

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