Thursday, September 13, 2012

Land Based Air Craft Carrier For Mutant Future

A terrestrial vehicle built to launch aircraft while mobile. These craft are still in operation even in the wasteland today. 
A product of late 21 century engineering & interstellar trade with the Martians of Barsoom. This incredible behemoth was used extensively during the so called Waits Apocalypse of the 21 Century.It is a  land mobile aircraft carrier and land mobile suit carrier used for a wide variety of ancient air craft & mecha 
It is also heavily armed with 8 gun turrets mounting highly accurate 25feet caliber guns, several cruise-missile launchers on the edges of the flight decks aswell as what appears to be seven   40mm AA cannons mounted in  gun turrets along the edges of each flight deck. It also carries hillariously thick armor, but contains structural flaws that eventually results in its destruction at the hands of  their enemies .
This weapons system was followed by the  Arms Fort "Great Wall", a moving fortress with the appearance of an outrageously oversized armored train, has a large open deck on its rearmost "car" Arms Fort "Cabracan", holds several unmanned areial vehicles in its superstructure, it holds little in common with the SoMW, but it is more than able to fill the role of a "landcarrier".

The Behemoth "Waits Apocalypse" Land Carrier 

Required Crew:3200
Top Speed:35 Mph cruising  45 mph 
Structural Hit Points:90
AC -3

Weapons Systems
8 main cannons  10d10 Damage  Range 300 miles A.I. Assist 
6 mini Anti Mecha Guns 3d6 per round 3 -6 mile range 
7 smaller anti personnel machine gun nests 2d12 armor piercing ammo
 8 smaller anti personnel nests along the treads 
2 oberservation / cannon nests along the tread walls
Mecha & aircraft are to numerous to list here

The various land carriers are almost always A.I. controlled or assisted. These weapons systems are still in service never realizing that the war ended 90 to hundreds of years ago. The technology of the ancients still maintaining these monsters to this day. 

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