Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wreck Of The USS Avánthe On Carcosa - Actual Play - Episode Two

Here's whats happening in tonight's Carcosa Star Trek Mashup 
Someone rolled a 1 installing those crystals from last week! Scotty their not ! 
So here's what's been going on in tonight's game. After escaping a flock of brain sucking flying sqider squid (Thanks Matt ) & then almost being eaten alive by a Shaggoth. The party has been captured by a group of bone men. Put into cages & is currently awaiting their turn on the sacrificial altar! 
Can you say smoke break?!

So far the intrepid crew has run from the various colored men of Carcosa again. Almost been boiled & eaten. Run across serpent men ruins, had phasers explode, & this time their searching for a power source for their shuttle.. They didn't find it 

The PCs have trekked through jungle over & almost been eaten by mutant ants, flying fungus that infects, & mutant dinosaurs until they ran into a village with sorcerer as champion

We're now down to 5 PCs after 2 of the PCs fell to the Brain Bats of Venus in the jungle temple of T'rarra trying to grab a phaser rifle .. The rest of the PCs found the remains of their fellow crew men who are under the control of a child necromancer NPC ..Actually the implanted brain of a sorcerer in the child's body 
I just got home about 15 minutes ago & the PCs managed to locate a copy of the Campell Necronomicon... They located it within a temple inside a giant living elder spawn.. The party was armed with a phaser rifle, & 2 fully charged phasers ty
pe 1s, the rest had gotten some ray pistols that they traded with some greys.. 
After breaking into the dungeon under the temple they were able to located the vault of the book. The group apparently had seen Army of Darkness because after an intelligence roll the science officer a Vulcan managed to recognize it as the Campbell version of the book The so called .Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. This version was bound in still living demon flesh & the thing almost took off the PC's arm. 1d8 points of damage unless a magic phrase is said that will allow him to remove the book safely — "Klaatu verata nicto".The cultists of the temple caught up with the PCs & the PC said I wish I was anywhere but here! Whoosh end of game 


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